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Strong Convergence of Halpern Iteration for Products of Finitely Many Resolvents of Maximal Monotone Operators in Banach Spaces 4673 - 4693
Sara Timnak, Eskandar Naraghirad and Nawab Hussain  
AbstractKeywords: Bregman function; uniformly convex function; uniformly smooth function; fixed point; strong convergence; products of resolvents; equilibrium problemMSC: 47H10; 37C25DOI:
An Einstein-like Metric on Almost Kenmotsu Manifolds 4695 - 4702
Yaning Wang and Wenjie Wang  
AbstractKeywords: Almost Kenmotsu manifold; (k; µ)′-nullity condition; Miao-Tam critical condition; Einstein-like metricMSC: 53D15; 53C25DOI:
On Conservative Matrices in Summability of Series 4703 - 4713
Dansheng Yu  
AbstractKeywords: conservative matrices; absolute summabilityMSC: 40F05; 40D25DOI:
Integer Powers of Certain Complex Tridiagonal Matrices and Some Complex Factorizations 4715 - 4724
Durmus Bozkurt and S Burcu Bozkurt Altındag  
AbstractKeywords: Chebyshev Polynomial; Tridiagonal Matrix; Power of Matrix; Fibonacci Polynomial; Eigenvalues; EigenvectorsMSC: 15B36; 11C20; 15A23DOI:
A New Semi-analytical Approach for Numerical Solving of Cauchy Problem for Differential Equations with Delay 4725 - 4733
Josef Rebenda, Zdeněk Šmarda and Yasir Khan  
AbstractKeywords: Differential transformation method; method of steps; differential equations with delay neutral differential equationsMSC: 34K28; 34K07; 34K40; 65L03; 65L05DOI:
Disease Extinction and Persistence in a Discrete-time SIS Epidemic Model with Vaccination and Varying Population Size 4735 - 4747
Rahman Farnoosh and Mahmood Parsamanesh  
AbstractKeywords: epidemic model; vaccination; difference equation; stability; bifurcationMSC: 92D25; 39A33; 39A28DOI:
Oscillation Results for Second Order Matrix Differential Equations with Damping 4749 - 4762
Yasemin Bascı and Aydın Tiryaki  
AbstractKeywords: Matrix differential system; Oscillation; Damping term; Wintner type oscillationMSC: 34C110DOI:
Fuzzy Uniform Structures 4763 - 4779
Jesús Rodríguez-López  
AbstractKeywords: fuzzy uniform structure; probabilistic uniformity; Lowen uniformity; fuzzy metricMSC: 54E15; 54A40DOI:
Inequalities for H-invex Functions with Applications for Uniformly Convex and Superquadratic Functions 4781 - 4794
Marek Niezgoda  
AbstractKeywords: majorization; weighted majorization; global minimizer; convex function; η-invex function; H-invex function; (F; G)- invex function; ϕ-uniformly convex function; superquadratic function; Jensen inequality; Sherman inequality; Hardy-Littlewood- Pólya-Karamata inequalityMSC: 49J21; 49K27; 26B25; 26D15DOI:
Weighted βγ - summability of Fuzzy Functions of Order θ 4795 - 4808
Sarita Ojha and P D Srivastava  
AbstractKeywords: Sequences of fuzzy numbers; Fuzzy function; Weighted statistical convergence; Weighted summabilityMSC: 46S40; 03E72; 40A35DOI:
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