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Global exponential stability of multi-group models with multiple dispersal and stochastic perturbation based on graph-theoretic approach 5125 - 5138
Ying Guo, Yingjian Li and Xiaohua Ding  
AbstractKeywords: Multi-group models; Dispersal; Stochastic perturbation; Global exponential stability; Graph theoryMSC: 93E15; 93E03DOI:
On asymptotically deferred statistical equivalence of sequences 5139 - 5150
Cem Koşar, Mehmet Küçükaslan and Mikail Et  
AbstractKeywords: Asymptotically equivalent sequences; statistically equivalent sequences; deferred statistical convergence of sequencesMSC: 46A45; 40A99; 40C05DOI:
The Drazin inverse of the sum of two matrices and its applications 5151 - 5158
Lingling Xia and Bin Deng  
AbstractKeywords: Drazin inverse; Block matrix; Generalized Schur complement; IndexMSC: 15A09DOI:
Generalized Sherman-Morrison-Woodbury formula for the generalized Drazin inverse in Banach algebra 5159 - 5167
Milica Z Kolundžija  
AbstractKeywords: Sherman-Morrison-Woodbury formula; generalized Drazin inverseMSC: 46H05; 47A05; 15A09DOI:
Solvability of a 2 × 2 block operator matrix of Chandrasekhar type on a Banach algebra 5169 - 5175
H H G Hashem  
AbstractKeywords: Banach algebra; Fixed point theory; Quadratic Integral equations; Nonlinear operators; Operators matrixMSC: 11D09; 60G22; 33E30DOI:
Perturbation bound for the generalized Drazin inverse of an operator in Banach space 5177 - 5191
Xiaoji Liu and Yonghui Qin  
AbstractKeywords: Banach space; generalized Drazin inverse; perturbation boundMSC: 15A09; 15A23; 65F35DOI:
Orthogonal Gabor systems on local fields 5193 - 5201
Firdous A Shah, Owais Ahmad and Neyaz A Sheikh  
AbstractKeywords: Gabor frame; Local field; Fourier transformMSC: 42C15; 42C40; 42B10; 43A70; 46B15DOI:
Further investigations on Fujimoto type strong uniqueness polynomials 5203 - 5216
Abhijit Banerjee, Bikash Chakraborty and Sanjay Mallick  
AbstractKeywords: Meromorphic functions; uniqueness polynomial; strong uniqueness polynomial; unique range set.MSC: 30D35DOI:
Caputo fractional differential equations with non-instantaneous impulses and strict stability by Lyapunov functions 5217 - 5239
Ravi Agarwal, Snehana Hristova and Donal O'Regan  
AbstractKeywords: Caputo derivatives; fractional differential equations; noninstaneous impulses; strict stability; Lyapunov functionsMSC: 34A34; 34A08; 34D20DOI:
On the classical solvability of mixed problems for a second–order one–dimensional parabolic equation 5241 - 5262
Nebojša L Lažetić  
AbstractKeywords: Mixed problem; second–order one–dimensional parabolic equation; classical solution; Fourier method; self–adjoint Schr¨odinger operator; uniform convergenceMSC: 35K15; 35A09DOI:
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