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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 18_4Date: 2021Journal Homepage

Mirjana Ivanović, Miloš Radovanović and Vladimir Kurbalija  
MSC: 68-00; 68-02
GUEST EDITORIAL: Pattern Recognition, Optimization, Neural Computing and Applications in Smart City  
Mu-Yen Chen, Jose de Jesus Rubio and Arun Kumar Sangaiah  
MSC: 68-00; 68-02
Buffer-Based Rate Adaptation Scheme for HTTP Video Streaming with Consistent Quality 1139 - 1157
Jiwoo Park, Minsu Kim and Kwangsue Chung  
AbstractKeywords: adaptive algorithms; queueing analysis; streaming media; transport protocolsMSC: 68M11; 68P20
Deep Semi-supervised Learning with Weight Map for Review Helpfulness Prediction 1159 - 1174
Hua Yin, Zhensheng Hu, Yahui Peng, Zhijian Wang, Guanglong Xu and Yanfang Xu  
AbstractKeywords: semi-supervised learning; review helpfulness; pseudo label; weight map; labeling strategyMSC: 62M45; 62H30
Cooperation and Sharing of Caught Prey in Competitive Continuous Coevolution Using the Predator-Prey Domain 1175 - 1196
Krisztián Varga and Attila Kiss  
AbstractKeywords: artificial life; neural networks; evolution; coevolution; cooperation; arms race; competition; predator; preyMSC: 62M45; 68T42
Using honeynet data and a time series to predict the number of cyber attacks 1197 - 1217
Matej Zuzčák and Petr Bujok  
AbstractKeywords: cyber attacks; honeynet; honeypot; SSH; time series; predictionMSC: 68M11; 62M10
SimAndro-Plus: On Computing Similarity of Android Applications 1219 - 1238
Masoud Reyhani Hamedani and Sang-Wook Kim  
AbstractKeywords: android applications; apps data mining; feature extraction; API calls; manifest information; similarity computationMSC: 68N30; 62H30
Analysis of entrepreneur mental model and construction of its portrait 1239 - 1252
Yongzhong Zhang, Yonghui Dai and Haijian Chen  
AbstractKeywords: entrepreneur mental model; mental portrait; innovation and entrepreneurship; data miningMSC: 68T30; 62H30
Research on influencing factors of the development of cultural and creative industries based on grey factor analysis 1253 - 1269
Jianjun Li and Jia Liao  
AbstractKeywords: influencing factors; Grey factor analysis; cultural and creative industries; environmental factorsMSC: 62H25; 62H20
Conversational agent for supporting learners on a MOOC on programming with Java 1271 - 1286
Cristina Catalán Aguirre, Nuria González-Castro, Carlos Delgado Kloos, Carlos Alario-Hoyos and Pedro J. Muñoz-Merino  
AbstractKeywords: conversational agent; computer science; MOOC; programming; JavaMSC: 68T42; 68N19
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