Analysis of entrepreneur mental model and construction of its portrait

Yongzhong Zhang, Yonghui Dai, Haijian Chen

Previous studies have shown that the mental model of entrepreneurs has a significant impact on the growth of entrepreneurial enterprises. This paper explores a new method to analyze entrepreneur mental model and construct its portrait. Firstly, according to existing research results, this paper summarizes three key factors that affect entrepreneurial mental model: prior knowledge, personality characteristics and opportunity perception. Since then, the methods of entrepreneur mental portrait are introduced, which including cluster analysis method and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method. Based on the investigation and analysis of 277 entrepreneurs, our study shows that the above construction method of mental model can accurately describe the entrepreneur mental model. The contribution of this paper is to explore the mental division of different types of entrepreneurs, and give the method of mental portrait of entrepreneurs, which provides a meaningful reference for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship education and training.