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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 19_1Date: 2022Journal Homepage

Mirjana Ivanović, Miloš Radovanović and Vladimir Kurbalija  
MSC: 68-00 68-02
Guest Editorial – Applications of intelligent systems  
Amelia Badica, Costin Badica, Vladimir Kurbalija, Ladjel Bellatreche and Mirjana Ivanović  
MSC: 68-00 68-02
Teaching Computational Thinking in Primary Schools: Worldwide Trends and Teachers' Attitudes 1 - 24
Valentina Dagienė, Tatjana Jevsikova, Gabrielė Stupurienė and Anita Juškevičienė  
AbstractKeywords: informatics education; computational thinking development; early years' education; 21st century skills; teacher professional developmentMSC: 97C70 97C40
Link quality estimation based on over-sampling and weighted random forest 25 - 45
Linlan Liu, Yi Feng, Shengrong Gao and Jian Shu  
AbstractKeywords: Wireless Sensor Network; Link Quality Estimation; Weighted Random Forest; OversamplingMSC: 68M14 62H30
Comparative Analysis of HAR Datasets Using Classification Algorithms 47 - 63
Suvra Nayak, Chhabi Rani Panigrahi, Bibudhendu Pati, Sarmistha Nanda and Meng-Yen Hsieh  
AbstractKeywords: Machine Learning; Human Activity Recognition; WEKA; Classifier; Classification algorithmsMSC: 68T10 62H30
Distributed Ledger Technology: State-of-the-Art and Current Challenges 65 - 85
Maria Gorbunova, Pavel Masek, Mikhail Komarov and Aleksandr Ometov  
AbstractKeywords: Distributed management; Distributed information systems; Data storage systems; Information exchange; Information securityMSC: 68M14 68U35
Entropy-based Network Traffic Anomaly Classification Method Resilient to Deception 87 - 116
Juma Ibrahim and Slavko Gajin  
AbstractKeywords: anomaly classification; anomaly detection; entropy; entropy deception; network behaviour analysisMSC: 68M10 62H30
Scaling industrial applications for the Big Data era 117 - 139
Davor Šutić and Ervin Varga  
AbstractKeywords: distributed computing; big data; smart gridMSC: 68M14 68U35
A Graph-based Feature Selection Method for Learning to Rank Using Spectral Clustering for Redundancy Minimization and Biased PageRank for Relevance Analysis 141 - 164
Jen-Yuan Yeh and Cheng-Jung Tsai  
AbstractKeywords: Feature selection; Feature similarity graph; Spectral clustering; Biased PageRank; Learning to rank; Information retrievalMSC: 68P20 62H30
Deep RNN-Based Network Traffic Classification Scheme in Edge Computing System 165 - 184
Kwihoon Kim, Joohyung Lee, Hyun-Kyo Lim, Se Won Oh and Youn-Hee Han  
AbstractKeywords: RNN; Traffic Classification; Edge Computing; Cloud ComputingMSC: 68M10 62M45
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