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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 18_4Date: 2021Journal Homepage

Assessing Learning Styles Through Eye Tracking for E-Learning Applications 1287 - 1309
Nahumi Nugrahaningsih, Marco Porta and Aleksandra Klašnja-Milićević  
AbstractKeywords: e-learning; learning models; learning styles; eye tracking; gaze behaviorMSC: 68T10; 97C30
Compensation of degradation, security, and capacity of LSB substitution methods by a new proposed hybrid n-LSB approach 1311 - 1332
Kemal Tütüncü and Özcan Çataltaş  
AbstractKeywords: image steganography; lossless compression; logistic map; data encryptionMSC: 94A08; 68P25
The Dynamic Two-echelon MSW Disposal System Study under Uncertainty in Smart City 1333 - 1358
Feng Dai, Gui-hua Nie and Yi Chen  
AbstractKeywords: smart city; two-echelon allocation; MSW; uncertaintyMSC: 68U35; 93C42
The Application of E-commerce Recommendation System in Smart Cities based on Big Data and Cloud Computing 1359 - 1378
Yiman Zhang  
AbstractKeywords: e-commerce; personalized recommendation; cloud computing; big dataMSC: 68M11; 68P20
Optimization of Intelligent Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning System in Urban Building based on BIM and Artificial Intelligence Technology 1379 - 1394
Zhonghui Liu and Gongyi Jiang  
AbstractKeywords: building information modeling; adaboost-BP algorithm; heating ventilation air conditioning system; energy consumption prediction; simulationMSC: 68M14; 62H30
Face Recognition Based on Full Convolutional Neural Network Based on Transfer Learning Model 1395 - 1409
Zhongkui Fan and Ye-peng Guan  
AbstractKeywords: transfer learning; convolutional neural network; face recognition; adaptive scale; optical face featuresMSC: 62H30; 62M45
Background Modeling from Video Sequences via Online Motion-Aware RPCA 1411 - 1426
Xu Weiyao, Xia Ting and Jing Changqiang  
AbstractKeywords: computer vision; background modeling; online RPCA; truncated nuclear normMSC: 68T45; 68U10
A Novel Network Aligner for the Analysis of Multiple Protein-protein Interaction Networks 1427 - 1444
Jing Chen and Jia Huang  
AbstractKeywords: graph data analysis; big data; protein-protein interaction network; network clustering; seed-and-extend strategyMSC: 62H30; 94C15
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