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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 18_3Date: 2021Journal Homepage

Mirjana Ivanović, Miloš Radovanović and Vladimir Kurbalija  
MSC: 68-00; 68-02
FPGA Implementation of Fuzzy Medical Decision Support System for Disc Hernia Diagnosis 619 - 640
Tijana Šušteršič, Miodrag Peulić and Aleksandar Peulić  
AbstractKeywords: disc hernia diagnosis; fuzzy inference systems; FPGA; medical decision support system; hardwareMSC: 68U35; 03B52
A New Approximate Method For Mining Frequent Itemsets From Big Data 641 - 656
Timur Valiullin, Joshua Zhexue Huang, Chenghao Wei, Jianfei Yin, Dingming Wu and Iuliia Egorova  
AbstractKeywords: approximate method; frequent itemsets mining; random sample partition; big transaction databaseMSC: 68P15; 65Y20
Reverse Engineering Models of Software Interfaces 657 - 686
Debjyoti Bera, Mathijs Schuts, Jozef Hooman and Ivan Kurtev  
AbstractKeywords: passive learning; process mining; interfaces; model-driven engineeringMSC: 68N30; 68T30
DrCaptcha: An Interactive Machine Learning Application 687 - 702
Rafael Glikis, Christos Makris and Nikos Tsirakis  
AbstractKeywords: machine learning; neural networks; transfer learning; interactive machine learning; ensemble techniquesMSC: 68T10; 62M45
A Novel Information Diffusion Model Based on Psychosocial Factors with Automatic Parameter Learning 703 - 728
Sabina-Adriana Floria and Florin Leon  
AbstractKeywords: social networks; information diffusion; psychological factors; sociological factors; genetic algorithmMSC: 91D30; 68T20
Arabic Linked Drug Dataset Consolidating and Publishing 729 - 748
Guma Lakshen, Valentina Janev and Sanja Vraneš  
AbstractKeywords: drug management applications; linked data; methodology; open ecosystems; quality assessmentMSC: 68T30; 68T50
A multicriteria optimization approach for the stock market feature selection 749 - 769
Dragana Radojičić, Nina Radojičić and Simeon Kredatus  
AbstractKeywords: limit order book; multicriteria optimization; time-series; feature selection; machine learningMSC: 62M10; 62M45
End-to-End Diagnosis of Cloud Systems Against Intermittent Faults 771 - 790
Chao Wang, Zhongchuan Fu and Yanyan Huo  
AbstractKeywords: cloud system; intermittent fault; fault diagnosis; end-to-end; LSTM; PNNMSC: 68M10; 62M45
Distance based Clustering of Class Association Rules to Build a Compact, Accurate and Descriptive Classifier 791 - 811
Jamolbek Mattiev and Branko Kavšek  
AbstractKeywords: frequent itemset; class association rules (CAR); associative classification; agglomerative clusteringMSC: 62H30; 68T10
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