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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 18_2Date: 2021Journal Homepage

Guest Editorial: Emerging Services in the Next-Generation Web: Human Meets Artificial Intelligence  
Neil Y. Yen, Hwa-Young Jeong, Kurosh Madani and Francisco Isidro Massetto  
MSC: 68-00; 68-02
A Novel Distant Target Region Detection Method Using Hybrid Saliency-Based Attention Model Under Complex Textures 379 - 399
Jaepil Ko and Kyung Joo Cheoi  
AbstractKeywords: target; hybrid; saliency; attentionMSC: 68U10; 62H30
Exploring the Effectiveness of Deep Neural Networks with Technical Analysis Applied to Stock Market Prediction 401 - 418
Ming-Che Lee, Jia-Wei Chang, Jason C. Hung and Bae-Ling Chen  
AbstractKeywords: deep neural network; long short-term memory; technical analysis; fintechMSC: 62M45; 62M10
Text recommendation based on time series and multi-label information 419 - 439
Yi Yin, Dan Feng, Zhan Shi and Lin Ouyang  
AbstractKeywords: time series; label value; correlation coefficient; similarity degreeMSC: 68T50; 62M10
Message Propagation in DTN Based on Virtual Contact of Behavior Model 441 - 460
Ho-Hsiang Chan and Tzu-Chieh Tsai  
AbstractKeywords: delay tolerant network; physical contact; virtual contact; behavior patternMSC: 68M10; 68M11
Enhanced Image Preprocessing Method for an Autonomous Vehicle Agent System 461 - 479
Kaisi Huang, Mingyun Wen, Jisun Park, Yunsick Sung, Jong Hyuk Park and Kyungeun Cho  
AbstractKeywords: image preprocessing; reinforcement learning; deep Q learningMSC: 68U10; 68T42
A Study of Universal Zero-Knowledge Proof Circuit-based Virtual Machines that Validate General Operations & Reduce Transaction Validation 481 - 497
SoonHyeong Jeong and Byeongtae Ahn  
AbstractKeywords: zero-knowledge; validation; transaction; blockchain; ethereumMSC: 68M11; 94A60
Image Target Detection Algorithm Compression and Pruning Based on Neural Network 499 - 516
Yan Sun and Zheping Yan  
AbstractKeywords: convolutional neural network; target retrieval; deep learning; algorithm compressionMSC: 68T45; 62M45
Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm in Cloud Computing Environment 517 - 534
Pei Tian  
AbstractKeywords: collaborative filtering; hadoop; HDFS; map reduce; Pearson correlation coefficientMSC: 68M14; 62H30
The Application of Virtual Reality Technology in the Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage 535 - 551
Hong Zhong, Leilei Wang and Heqing Zhang  
AbstractKeywords: virtual reality technology; digitization of cultural heritage; virtual interaction; virtual environment model; radial basis functionMSC: 68U05; 65D18
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