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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 18_1Date: 2021Journal Homepage

Mirjana Ivanović and Miloš Radovanović  
MSC: 00-01 00-02
Throughput Prediction based on ExtraTree for Stream Processing Tasks 1 - 22
Zheng Chu, Jiong Yu and Askar Hamdulla  
AbstractKeywords: streaming data; stream processing tasks; performance prediction; ensemble learning; ExtraTreeMSC: 68T10 62H30
Multi-Objective Optimization of Container-Based Microservice Scheduling in Edge Computing 23 - 42
Guisheng Fan, Liang Chen, Huiqun Yu and Wei Qi  
AbstractKeywords: edge computing; microservice; container orchestration; multi-objective optimization; particle swarm optimizationMSC: 68M10 68M11
PureEdgeSim: A Simulation Framework for Performance Evaluation of Cloud, Edge and Mist Computing Environments 43 - 66
Charafeddine Mechalikh, Hajer Taktak and Faouzi Moussa  
AbstractKeywords: simulation; modeling; tasks orchestration; load balancing; mist computing; edge computingMSC: 68M10 94C15
DroidClone: Attack of the Android Malware Clones - A Step Towards Stopping Them 67 - 91
Shahid Alam and Ibrahim Sogukpinar  
AbstractKeywords: Android; code clones; MAIL; malware analysis and detection; TF-IDF; machine learningMSC: 68N30 68T10
TrustRec: An Effective Approach to Exploit Implicit Trust and Distrust Relationships along with Explicit ones for Accurate Recommendations 93 - 114
Masoud Reyhani Hamedani, Irfan Ali, Jiwon Hong and Sang-Wook Kim  
AbstractKeywords: recommender systems; collaborating filtering; trust networkMSC: 68T05 94C15
A Dual Hybrid Recommender System based on SCoR and the Random Forest 115 - 128
Costas Panagiotakis, Harris Papadakis and Paraskevi Fragopoulou  
AbstractKeywords: recommender systems; synthetic coordinates; random forestMSC: 68T10 62H30
A method of assessing rework for implementing software requirements changes 129 - 154
Shalinka Jayatilleke and Richard Lai  
AbstractKeywords: rework; rework assessment; requirements changes; requirements change management; software system design documentMSC: 68N30 68N19
Double-Layer Affective Visual Question Answering Network 155 - 168
Zihan Guo, Dezhi Han and Kuan-Ching Li  
AbstractKeywords: deep learning; natural language processing; computer vision; visual question answering; affective computingMSC: 68T50 62H30
Spatio-temporal Summarized Visualization of SmartX Multi-View Visibility in Cloud-native Edge Boxes 169 - 188
Muhammad Ahmad Rathore and JongWon Kim  
AbstractKeywords: spatio-temporal; edge; visualization; cloud-nativeMSC: 68U35 62H11
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