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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 10_2Date: 2013Journal Homepage

The Throughput Critical Condition Study for Reliable Multipath Transport 567 - 587
Fei Song, Huachun Zhou, Sidong Zhang, Hongke Zhang and Ilsun You  
AbstractKeywords: reliable protocol, multipath transmission, critical conditionsMSC: 68M12 68M10
Using Bivariate Polynomial to Design a Dynamic Key Management Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks 589 - 609
Chin-Ling Chen, Yu-Ting Tsai, Aniello Castiglione and Francesco Palmieri  
AbstractKeywords: Sensor Networks, Key Management, Authentication, Bivariate Polynomial Key DistributionMSC: 68M10 68P30
Evaluation on the Influence of Internet Prefix Hijacking Events 611 - 631
Jinjing Zhao and Yan Wen  
AbstractKeywords: IP prefix hijacking, Power law, BGP, Inter-domain routing system, Internet Service ProvidersMSC: 68M11 68M15
Two-Step Hierarchical Scheme for Detecting Detoured Attacks to the Web Server 633 - 649
Byungha Choi and Kyungsan Cho  
AbstractKeywords: detection scheme, two-step detection, detoured attack, signaturebased, anomaly-based, outbound trafficMSC: 68M11 68M15
An Efficient GTS Allocation Scheme for IEEE 802.15.4 MAC Layer 651 - 665
Der-Chen Huang, Yi-Wei Lee and Hsiang-Wei Wu  
AbstractKeywords: ZigBee, GTS, Cluster Tree, Beacon, MAC LayerMSC: 68M10 68M20
Efficient Verifiable Fuzzy Keyword Search over Encrypted Data in Cloud Computing 666 - 700
Jianfeng Wang, Hua Ma, Qiang Tang, Jin Li, Hui Zhu, Siqi Ma and Xiaofeng Chen  
AbstractMSC: 68P30 94D05
Traffic Deflection Method for DOS Attack Defense using a Location-Based Routing Protocol in the Sensor Network 685 - 701
Ho-Seok Kang, Sung-Ryul Kim and Pankoo Kim  
AbstractKeywords: sensor network, traffic redirection, filtering, location-based routing protocol, Denial of ServiceMSC: 68M10 68M15
Design and Implementation of E-Discovery as a Service based on Cloud Computing 703 - 724
Taerim Lee, Hun Kim, Kyung-Hyune Rhee and Sang Uk Shin  
AbstractKeywords: E-Discovery, EDRM, Cloud Computing, SaaSMSC: 68M11 68U35
A Topographic-Awareness and Situational-Perception Based Mobility Model with Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Tactical MANET 725 - 746
Jinhai Huo, Bowen Deng, Shuhang Wu, Jian Yuan and Ilsun You  
AbstractKeywords: mobility model, tactical MANET, the ABC algorithm, bypass strategyMSC: 68M10 91B72
A Real-time Location-based SNS Smartphone Application for the Disabled Population 747 - 765
Hae-Duck J. Jeong, Jiyoung Lim, WooSeok Hyun and Arisu An  
AbstractKeywords: location-based SNS, Android, smartphone, GPS, disabled population, real-time systemMSC: 68M10 68U35
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