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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 10_3Date: 2013Journal Homepage

Context-sensitive Access Control Model for Business Processes 940 - 972
Goran Sladić, Branko Milosavljević and Zora Konjović  
AbstractKeywords: access control, RBAC, context-sensitive, workflow, business processMSC: 68U35 68Q60
The Relationship between IT Outsourcing and Business and IT Alignment: an Explorative Study 973 - 998
A. J. Gilbert Silvius, Joanna Turkiewicz, Aleksandar Keratsinov and Harm Spoor  
AbstractKeywords: Outsourcing, Business and IT alignment, InnovationMSC: 68N99 68U99
Including Functional Usability Features in a Model-Driven Development Method 999 - 1024
Jose Ignacio Panach, Natalia Juristo and Oscar Pastor  
AbstractKeywords: model-driven development, usability, conceptual modelMSC: 68N19 68Q60
Forecasting the Acceptance of New Information Services by using the Semantic-aware Prediction Model 1025 - 1052
Luka Vrdoljak, Vedran Podobnik and Gordan Jezic  
AbstractKeywords: Consumer Relationship Management, Consumer Managed Relationship, Forecasting, Growth Models, Semantic Reasoning, YouTubeMSC: 68U35 68M11
Constraint Relaxation of the Polygon-Polyline Topological Relation for Geographic Pictorial Query Languages 1053 - 1075
Anna Formica, Elaheh Pourabbas and Maurizio Rafanelli  
AbstractKeywords: pictorial query languages, topological constraints, conceptual neighborhood graph, constraint relaxation, intersection matrixMSC: 68U10 68P20
Indexing Method for Multidimensional Vector Data 1077 - 1104
Justin Terry and Bela Stantic  
AbstractMSC: 68P15 68P20
From Machine-to-Machine Communications towards Cyber-Physical Systems 1105 - 1128
Jiafu Wan, Min Chen, Feng Xia, Di Li and Keliang Zhou  
AbstractKeywords: internet of things, machine-to-machine communications, wireless sensor networks, cyber-physical systems, unmanned vehicles, cyber-transportation systems, challengesMSC: 68M11 68M10
EasyFJP: Providing Hybrid Parallelism as a Concern for Divide and Conquer Java Applications 1129 - 1163
Cristian Mateos, Alejandro Zunino and Matıas Hirsch  
AbstractKeywords: Parallel computing, implicit parallelism, explicit parallelism, Parallelism as a Concern (PaaC), Java, fork-join synchronization patterns, policies.MSC: 68W10 68N19
Functional Delay Test Generation Approach Using a Software Prototype of the Circuit 1165 - 1184
Eduardas Bareiša, Vacius Jusas, Kęstutis Motiejūnas and Rimantas Šeinauskas  
AbstractKeywords: functional delay test generation, software prototype, non-scan sequential circuitMSC: 94C12 68N99
A Contribution to Automated-oriented Reasoning about Permutability of Sequent Calculi Rules 1185 - 1210
Tatjana Lutovac and James Harland  
AbstractKeywords: Automated reasoning, permutation, sequent calculi, proof search, linear logicMSC: 03B35 68T15
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