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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 10_4Date: 2013Journal Homepage

Requirements-Level Language and Tools for Capturing Software System Essence 1499 - 1524
Wiktor Nowakowski, Michał Smiałek, Albert Ambroziewicz and Tomasz Straszak  
AbstractKeywords: requirements engineering, use cases, domain engineering, model-driven software development, model transformation, application logic, metamodel, formal languagesMSC: 68N30 68T35
A DSL for the Development of Software Agents working within a Semantic Web Environment 1525 - 1556
Sebla Demirkol, Moharram Challenger, Sinem Getir, Tomaž Kosar, Geylani Kardas and Marjan Mernik  
AbstractKeywords: Domain-specific Language, Metamodel, Multi-agent System, Semantic WebMSC: 68T42 68N19
Using Reverse Engineering to Construct the Platform Independent Model of a Web Application for Student Information Systems 1557 - 1583
Igor Rozanc and Bostjan Slivnik  
AbstractKeywords: reverse engineering, web application, platform independent model, PL/-MSC: 68U35 68N30
Model Execution: An Approach based on extending Domain-Specific Modeling with Action Reports 1585 - 1620
Verislav Djukić, Ivan Luković, Aleksandar Popović and Vladimir Ivančević  
AbstractKeywords: domain-specific modeling, model-driven development, model transformations, modeling tools, document engineeringMSC: 68N19 68N20
Possible Realizations of Multiplicity Constraints 1621 - 1645
Zdenek Rybola and Karel Richta  
AbstractKeywords: MDD, UML, transformation, multiplicity constraints, source class optionality constraint, OCL, SQLMSC: 68N19 68P15
Testing framework for embedded languages 1647 - 1659
Daniel Lesko and Mate Tejfel  
AbstractKeywords: testing support for embedded languages, testing framework, abstraction over evaluationMSC: 68N19 68N20
Extending Programming Language to Support Object Orientation in Legacy Systems 1661 - 1672
Hemang Mehta, S J Balaji and Dharanipragada Janakiram  
AbstractKeywords: g++, programming language, Linux kernel, legacy systems, object orientationMSC: 68N19 68N20
Context Parsing (Not Only) of the Object-File-Format Description Language 1673 - 1701
Jakub Kroustek and Dusan Kolar  
AbstractKeywords: object file format, context parsing, scattered context grammar, priority function, attributed grammar, decompilation, Lissom, ELFMSC: 68N20 68N15
An evaluation of keyword, string similarity and very shallow syntactic matching for a university admissions processing infobot 1703 - 1726
Peter Hancox and Nikolaos Polatidis  
AbstractKeywords: chatbot, infobot, question-answering, Jaro string similarity, Jaro-Winkler string similarity, shallow syntactic processingMSC: 68T50 68T42
Using proximity to compute semantic relatedness in RDF graphs 1727 - 1746
Jose Paulo Leal  
AbstractKeywords: semantic similarity, semantic relatedness, ontology generation, web recommendation, processing Wikipedia dataMSC: 68T30 68T35
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