Model Execution: An Approach based on extending Domain-Specific Modeling with Action Reports

Verislav Djukić, Ivan Luković, Aleksandar Popović, Vladimir Ivančević

In this paper, we present an approach to development and application of domain-specific modeling (DSM) tools in the model-based management of business processes. The level of Model-to-Text (M2T) transformations in the standard architecture for domain-specific modeling solutions is extended with action reports, which allow synchronization between models, generated code, and target interpreters. The basic idea behind the approach is to use M2T transformation languages to construct submodels, client application components, and operations on target interpreters. In this manner, M2T transformations may be employed to support not only generation of target platform code from domain-specific graphical language (DSGL) models but also straightforward use of models and appropriate DSM tools as client applications. The applicability of action reports is demonstrated by examples from document engineering, and measurement and control systems.