A Real-time Location-based SNS Smartphone Application for the Disabled Population

Hae-Duck J. Jeong, Jiyoung Lim, WooSeok Hyun, Arisu An

Smartphone usage and data consumption have been sharply rising, and the disabled have also become smartphone users as the number of users of these phones has exponentially increased in recent years. The theme of this paper is how to create a better world for the disabled using the information that people want to exchange with each other between the disabled and the general population. The main goal is also to provide the information that they need from each other in a way that can be displayed on the map in real-time. We propose a new location-based SNS application for the disabled population (except those who are visually impaired or the disabled who are not able to use a smartphone) with three major characteristics of this application to be considered as follows: (i) the person uses a Social Networking Service (SNS) by constructing a friend matching system such as Facebook or Twitter, which are the most widelyused SNS in the world; (ii) the general population registers real-time information for a specific location on the map for the disabled population using SNS. This information with photos and messages is given and evaluated by users; and (iii) this system makes it easier to see that the menu in the GUI was implemented.