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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 10_1Date: 2013Journal Homepage

WebMonitoring Software System: Finite State Machines for Monitoring the Web 1 - 23
Vesna Pajić, Duško Vitas, Gordana Pavlović Lažetić and Miloš Pajić  
AbstractKeywords: finite state automata, finite state transducers, software, web monitoring, electronic dictionaries, web searchMSC: 68U35 68Q45
SLA-Driven Adaptive Monitoring of Distributed Applications for Performance Problem Localization 25 - 50
Dušan Okanović, André van Hoorn, Zora Konjović and Milan Vidaković  
AbstractKeywords: continuous monitoring, adaptive monitoring, aspect-oriented programming, service level agreementsMSC: 68N19 68M15
A Scalable Multiagent Platform for Large Systems 51 - 77
Juan M. Alberola, Jose M. Such, Vicent Botti, Agustın Espinosa and Ana Garcıa-Fornes  
AbstractKeywords: Multiagent Platforms, Multiagent Systems, EvaluationMSC: 68T42 68N25
Validation of Schema Mappings with Nested Queries 79 - 104
Guillem Rull, Carles Farré, Ernest Teniente and Toni Urpí  
AbstractKeywords: schema mapping, nested relational model, nested query, query equality, query inclusion, validationMSC: 68P15 68T35
Accessibility Algorithm Based on Site Availability to Enhance Replica Selection in a Data Grid Environment 105 - 132
Ayman Jaradat, Ahmed Patel, M. N. Zakaria and A. H. Muhamad Amina  
AbstractKeywords: data grid architecture, grid computing, grid component failure, virtual organization, OptorSimMSC: 68M14 68W15
Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm with Pheromone Correction Strategy for the Minimum Connected Dominating Set Problem 133 - 149
Raka Jovanovic and Milan Tuba  
AbstractKeywords: Ant colony optimization (ACO), Minimum connected dominating set problem, Swarm intelligence, Optimization metaheuristicsMSC: 68W25 68M10
Ontological Model of Legal Norms for Creating and Using Legislation 151 - 171
Stevan Gostojić, Branko Milosavljević and Zora Konjović  
AbstractKeywords: legal norms, legislation, ontology, OWL, XML, CEN Meta-Lex, browsingMSC: 68T30 68U35
Indexing moving objects: A real time approach 173 - 195
George Lagogiannis, Nikos Lorentzos and Alexander B. Sideridis  
AbstractKeywords: Persistence, I/O complexity, Indexing structuresMSC: 68P20 68U10
Multi-sensor Data Fusion Based on Consistency Test and Sliding Window Variance Weighted Algorithm in Sensor Networks 197 - 214
Jian Shu, Ming Hong, Wei Zheng, Li-Min Sun and Xu Ge  
AbstractKeywords: wireless sensor networks, data fusion, consistency test, sliding window, variance weightedMSC: 68M15 68M10
A Novel Method for Data Conflict Resolution using Multiple Rules 215 - 235
Zhang Yong-Xin, Li Qing-Zhong and Peng Zhao-Hui  
AbstractKeywords: Data integration, Data conflict resolution, Markov Logic NetworksMSC: 68P15 68N17
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