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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 9_4Date: 2012Journal Homepage

SMP-SIM: an SMP-based Discrete-event Execution-driven Performance Simulator 1361 - 1384
Yufei Lin, Xinhai Xu, Yuhua Tang, Xin Zhang and Xiaowei Guo  
AbstractKeywords: simulator, SMP, MPI, performance predictionMSC: 68W10 68U20
Orthogonal Sequences Based Multi-CFO Estimation and Semi-Blind ICA Based Equalization for Multiuser CoMP Systems 1385 - 1406
Yufei Jiang, Xu Zhu, Enggee Lim and Yi Huang  
AbstractKeywords: carrier frequency offset (CFO), coordinated multi-point (CoMP), orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM), independent component analysis (ICA)MSC: 94A12 62H25
Speech Unit Category based Short Utterance Speaker Recognition 1407 - 1430
Nakhat Fatima, Xiaojun Wu and Thomas Fang Zheng  
AbstractKeywords: Short Utterance Speaker Recognition, Vowel Categories, Universal Background Vowel Category ModelMSC: 68T10 62H30
Formal Verification of Signature-monitoring Mechanisms by Model Checking 1431 - 1452
Lanfang Tan, Qingping Tan, Jianjun Xu and Huiping Zhou  
AbstractKeywords: software fault-tolerance, model checking, formal verification, fault tolerance, signature monitoring mechanismsMSC: 68N30 68Q60
An Uncertain Optimal Control Model with n Jumps and Application 1453 - 1468
Liubao Deng and Yuanguo Zhu  
AbstractKeywords: optimal control, uncertainty, jump, multidimensional, R&D fiscal subsidy policyMSC: 49J10 93E20
A Formal Approach to Testing Programs in Practice 1469 - 1492
Shaoying Liu, Wuwei Shen and Shin Nakajima  
AbstractKeywords: Specification-based testing, Formal specification, Black-box testingMSC: 68N30 68Q60
Image Denoising Using Anisotropic Second and Fourth Order Diffusions Based on Gradient Vector Convolution 1493 - 1512
Huaibin Wang, Yuanquan Wang and Wenqi Ren  
AbstractKeywords: Gradient vector convolution, fourth order diffusion, anisotropic diffusion, noise removal, texture preservingMSC: 68U10 65D18
Active Semi-supervised Framework with Data Editing 1513 - 1532
Xue Zhang and Wangxin Xiao  
AbstractKeywords: sparsely labeled text classification, active learning, semi-supervised learning, data editingMSC: 68T05 68T50
An Ant System based on Moderate Search for TSP 1533 - 1552
Ping Guo and Zhujin Liu  
AbstractKeywords: Ant Colony Optimization, Adaptive behavior, Traveling Salesman Problem, Local optimum, Premature convergenceMSC: 68T05 68P10
Optimal Node Placement of Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Adaptive Mutation Probability Binary Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm 1553 - 1576
Ling Wang, Wei Ye, Haikuan Wang, Xiping Fu, Minrui Fei and Muhammad Ilyas Menhas  
AbstractKeywords: industrial wireless sensor networks, node placement, binary particle swarm optimization, adaptive mutationMSC: 68M10 68M20
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