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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 9_4Date: 2012Journal Homepage

Automatic T-S fuzzy model with application to designing predictive controller 1577 - 1602
Zhi-gang Su, Pei-hong Wang and Yu-fei Zhang  
AbstractKeywords: T-S fuzzy model, fuzzy c-means, automatic, Artificial Bee Colony, predictive control, superheated steam temperatureMSC: 93C42 62H30
Superior Performance of Using Hyperbolic Sine Activation Functions in ZNN Illustrated via Time-Varying Matrix Square Roots Finding 1603 - 1626
Yunong Zhang, Long Jin and Zhende Ke  
AbstractKeywords: Zhang neural network, global exponential convergence, hyperbolic sine activation functions, time-varying matrix square roots, implementation errorsMSC: 62M45 68T05
Clustering based Two-Stage Text Classification Requiring Minimal Training Data 1627 - 1644
Xue Zhang and Wang-xin Xiao  
AbstractKeywords: text classification, clustering, active semi-supervised clustering, two-stage classificationMSC: 68T50 62H30
A Novel Content Based Image Retrieval System using K-means/KNN with Feature Extraction 1645 - 1662
Ray-I Chang, Shu-Yu Lin, Jan-Ming Ho, Chi-Wen Fann and Yu-Chun Wang  
AbstractKeywords: content based images retrieval, K-means clustering, feature extraction, image retrievalMSC: 68U10 62H30
Study On Prediction Models For Integrated Scheduling In Semiconductor Manufacturing Lines 1663 - 1678
Lu Guo, Jinghua Hao and Min Liu  
AbstractKeywords: quality prediction model, ELM feature space, semiconductor production line, IELSSVM, overlay prediction, integrated schedulingMSC: 62H30 68W27
Application of Grid-based K-means Clustering Algorithm for Optimal Image Processing 1679 - 1696
Tingna Shi, Penglong Wang, Jeenshing Wangb and Shihong Yue  
AbstractKeywords: electrical tomography, number of pixels, image ronconstructionMSC: 68U10 62H30
Agent Negotiation on Resources with Nonlinear Utility Functions 1697 - 1720
Xiangrong Tong and Wei Zhang  
AbstractKeywords: Nonlinear utility function, Multi-agent Systems, Multi-issue Negotiation, Resources Allocation, Incomplete InformationMSC: 68T42 58E17
University Campus Social Network System for Knowledge Sharing 1721 - 1737
Zhao Du, Xiaolong Fu, Can Zhao, Ting Liu and Qifeng Liu  
AbstractKeywords: Vertical Social Network Services, Knowledge Sharing, Digital Resource, Social TaggingMSC: 91D30 68U35
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