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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 9_3Date: 2012Journal Homepage

A Systematic Approach to the Implementation of Attribute Grammars with Conventional Compiler Construction Tools 983 - 1018
Daniel Rodriguez-Cerezo, Antonio Sarasa-Cabezuelo and Jose-Luis Sierra  
AbstractKeywords: Attribute Grammars, Parser Generators, Language Processor Development Method, GrammarwareMSC: 68N20 68Q42
Implementation of EasyTime Formal Semantics using a LISA Compiler Generator 1019 - 1044
Iztok Fister Jr., Marjan Mernik, Iztok Fister and Dejan Hrncic  
AbstractKeywords: domain-specific language, compiler, code generator, measuring timeMSC: 68N20 68T42
Using Aspect-Oriented State Machines for Detecting and Resolving Feature Interactions 1045 - 1074
Tom Dinkelaker, Mohammed Erradi and Meryeme Ayache  
AbstractKeywords: feature interactions, aspect interactions, aspect-oriented programming, state machines, conflict detection, conflict resolution, object-oriented programming, formal methods, domain-specific aspect languagesMSC: 68N19 68N15
A MOF based Meta-Model and a Concrete DSL Syntax of IIS*Case PIM Concepts 1075 - 1104
Milan Čeliković, Ivan Luković, Slavica Aleksić and Vladimir Ivančević  
AbstractMSC: 68N19 68U35
LL conflict resolution using the embedded left LR parser 1105 - 1124
Bostjan Slivnik  
AbstractKeywords: embedded parsing, left LR parsing, LL conflictsMSC: 68N20 68Q42
Indexing Ordered Trees for (Nonlinear) Tree Pattern Matching by Pushdown Automata 1125 - 1154
Jan Travnıcek, Jan Janousek and Borivoj Melichar  
AbstractKeywords: Tree patternmatching, nonlinear tree patternmatching, indexing trees, pushdown automataMSC: 68P05 68Q45
A Programming Language Independent Framework for Metrics-based Software Evolution and Analysis 1155 - 1186
Črt Gerlec, Gordana Rakić, Zoran Budimac and Marjan Heričko  
AbstractKeywords: Software evolution, software development, software quality, software structure, software metrics, syntax treeMSC: 68N30 68N20
High-level Multicore Programming with C++11 1187 - 1202
Zalan Szugyi, Mark Torok, Norbert Pataki and Tamas Kozsik  
AbstractKeywords: multicore programming, C++MSC: 68W10 68N18
Supporting heterogeneous agent mobility with ALAS 1203 - 1230
Dejan Mitrović, Mirjana Ivanović, Zoran Budimac and Milan Vidaković  
AbstractKeywords: agent-oriented programming languages, mobile agents, heterogeneous agent mobility, multi-agent systemsMSC: 68T42 68N15
Language Engineering for Syntactic Knowledge Transfer 1231 - 1248
Mihaela Colhon  
AbstractKeywords: parallel treebank, syntactic phrase alignment, bilingual corpus, word-alignmentsMSC: 68T50 68U15
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