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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 9_3Date: 2012Journal Homepage

Implementing an eXAT-based distributed monitoring system prototype 1249 - 1286
Gleb Peregud, Julian Zubek, Maria Ganzha and Marcin Paprzycki  
AbstractKeywords: Grid computing, resource monitoring, Erlang, eXAT, intelligent agentsMSC: 68W15 68T42
Modeling a Holonic Agent based Solution by Petri Nets 1287 - 1306
Carlos Pascal and Doru Panescu  
AbstractKeywords: HMES, Petri nets, multiagent systems, planning, resource allocationMSC: 68T42 68P05
Information resource management in an agent-based virtual organization—initial implementation 1307 - 1330
Maria Ganzha, Adam Omelczuk, Marcin Paprzycki and Mateusz Wypysiak  
AbstractKeywords: agent systems, ontologies, virtual organization, resource management, Information Resources, e-learning, adaptabilityMSC: 68T42 97U50
Decentralized Management of Building Indoors through Embedded Software Agents 1331 - 1359
Giancarlo Fortino and Antonio Guerrieri  
AbstractKeywords: Smart Buildings, Multi-Agent Systems, Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks, Building Management SystemsMSC: 68T42 68M10
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