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Front Page Bulletin, Classe des Sciences Mathématiques et Naturelles, Sciences mathématiquesPublisher: Srpska akademija nauka i umetnosti, BeogradISSN: 0561-7332Issue: 40Date: 2015

Hyperspaces of 0-dimensional spaces revisited 1 - 10
Miroslav M. Marjanović  
AbstractKeywords: hyperspaces; accumulation order; accumulation spectrumMSC: 54B20 54F65
Bochner-flat Kähler manifolds and Riemannian compatibility of the Ricci tensor 11 - 18
Mileva Prvanović  
AbstractKeywords: Kähler manifold; Bochner-flat Kähler maniford Riemannian compatiblityMSC: 53C20; 53C21
On an old/new degree-based topological index 19 - 31
Boris Furtula, Ivan Gutman, Žana Kovijanić Vukićević, Giorgi Lekishvili and Goran Popivoda  
AbstractKeywords: $F$-index; forgotten topological index; degree (of vertex); Zagreb indices; degree-based topological indicesMSC: 05C07; 92E10; 05C90
Walk counts and the spectral radius of graphs 33 - 57
Dragan Stevanović  
AbstractKeywords: adjacency matrix; spectral radius; walk countsMSC: 05C50
Fixed point of mappings of Perov type for $w$-cone distance 59 - 74
Marija Cvetković and Vladimir Rakočević  
AbstractKeywords: Perov's theorem; $w$-cone distance; cone metric spaceMSC: 47H10; 54H25
Discriminantly separable polynomials: an overview 75 - 97
Vladimir Dragović  
AbstractKeywords: quad-equations; integrability; Kowalevski top; elliptic curves; $n$-valued groups; discriminantly separable polynomialsMSC: 37K60 14N05; 37K20
Laplace transform of functions defined on a bounded interval 99 - 113
Bogoljub Stanković  
AbstractKeywords: space of locally integrable functions; Laplace transform of functions belonging to $L[0;b];\;0<b<\infty$MSC: 46F12

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