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Front Page Zbornik RadovaPublisher: Matematički institut SANU, BeogradISSN: 0351-9406Issue: 17(25)Date: 2015

An Introduction to Multiple Gaps 7 - 32
Antonio Avilés  
AbstractKeywords: multiple gapMSC: 03E15, 28A05, 05D10 46B15
Basis Problems for Borel Graphs 33 - 51
Carlos A. Di Prisco and Stevo Todorčević  
AbstractKeywords: Borel graphs, chromatic numbersMSC: 05-02 05C63 03E05 05C15
Survey on the Tukey Theory of Ultrafilters 53 - 80
Natasha Dobrinen  
AbstractKeywords: ultrafilter, Tukey, Rudin-Keisler, cofinal type, Ramsey-classificationMSC: 05-02 03-02 03E05 05C55 54D80
Some Recent Results in Ramsey Theory 81 - 91
Pandelis Dodos  
AbstractKeywords: trees, strong subtrees, words, left variable words, densityMSC: 05D10
Posets of Isomorphic Substructures of Relational Structures 117 - 144
Miloš S. Kurilić  
AbstractKeywords: relational structure, isomorphic substructure, partial order, Boolean algebra, forcing, self-embedding monoidMSC: 03-02 03C15 03E40 06A06 03E10 03C50 06A05 20M20
Families of Finite Subsets of $N$ 145 - 169
J. Lopez-Abad  
AbstractKeywords: Ramsey theorem, families of finite sets, basic sequencesMSC: 05-02 05D10 46B45 46B15
Hindman's Theorem, Ellis's Lemma, and Thompson's Group $F$ 171 - 187
Justin Tatch Moore  
AbstractKeywords: amenable, Ellis's lemma, finitely additive measure, idempotent measure, Hindman's theorem, Thompson's groupMSC: 03E02 03E50 05D10 05C55 20F38 43A07
A Survey on Structural Ramsey Theory and Topological Dynamics with the Kechris-Pestov-Todorcevic Correspondence in Mind 189 - 207
Lionel Nguyen Van Thé  
AbstractKeywords: Fraïssé theory, Ramsey theory, extreme amenability, universal minimal flowMSC: 37-02 37B05 03C15 03E02 03E15 05D10 22F50 43A07 54H20
Tukey Reduction Among Analytic Directed Orders 209 - 220
Słavomir Solecki  
AbstractKeywords: Tukey reduction, analytic P-ideals, analytic $sigma$-idealsMSC: 03-02 03E05 06A07

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