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Front Page Zbornik RadovaPublisher: Matematički institut SANU, BeogradISSN: 0351-9406Issue: 16(24)Date: 2013

The Rigid Body Dynamics: Classical and Algebro-geometric Integration 5 - 44
Borislav Gajić  
AbstractKeywords: rigid body motion, Lax representation, algebro-geometric integration procedure, Baker-Akhiezer functionMSC: 70E17 70E40 70E45 70H06 37J35
Perspective of Interfaces from Stand Point of Continuum Physics 45 - 90
Jovo P. Jarić and Dragoslav S. Kuzmanović  
AbstractKeywords: continuum mechanics, interfaces, differential geometryMSC: 7402 74A15 74A99 53A05
Elastic Problems and Optimal Control: Integrable Systems 91 - 140
Velimir Jurdjević  
AbstractKeywords: optimality, Hamiltonians, elastic curves, symplectic structure, integrability, solitonsMSC: 49J15 53D05 53D15 93B27 74B20
Creep and Stress Relaxation in a Viscoelasticity Theory with Derivatives of Fractional Order 141 - 181
Dušan Zorica  
AbstractKeywords: fractional derivative, distributed-order fractional derivative, fractional viscoelastic material, stress relaxation, creep and forced oscillations of a rodMSC: 74D05 26A33 44A10

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