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Front Page Yugoslav Journal of Operations ResearchPublisher: Faculty of Organizational Sciences, BelgradeISSN: 0354-0243Issue: 10_1Date: 2000Journal Homepage

On a Graph Transformation That Preserves the Stability Number 1 - 12
Alain Hertz  
AbstractKeywords: Boolean methods, stability number, polynomial algorithms.MSC: 05C85Zbl: 0946.05080
Finding the k Most Vital Elements of an s-t Planar Directed Network 13 - 26
Dimiter Ivanchev  
AbstractKeywords: k most vital arcs/nodes, planarity of directed networks, multicriterial optimization on networks.MSC: 90B10Zbl: 0997.90009
A Methodology for Business Process Modelling 27 - 35
Siniša Nešković and Branislav Lazarević  
AbstractKeywords: Business process modelling, functions, activities, logical model, environment model, physical model, structured system analysis, activity diagramsMSC: 90B30Zbl: 1006.90502
The Firm-Bank Interaction Regime and "Softness" 37 - 46
Gerasimos T. Soldatos  
AbstractKeywords: Soft-budget, evolutionary games, transition economies.MSC: 91A22Zbl: 1007.91502
Missile System Selection Based on the Fuzzy Sets Theory 47 - 61
Dragan Z. Šaletić and Dušan M. Velašević  
AbstractKeywords: Operations research, military application, fuzzy sets, decision-making.MSC: 94D05Zbl: 0967.94502
Application of Optimization Techniques to the Railroad Empty Car Distribution Process: A Survey 63 - 74
Nebojša J. Bojović  
AbstractKeywords: Rail freight cars, empty car allocation, fleet size.MSC: 90B20Zbl: 0997.90022
Determination of Optimum Signal Plan Sequences in a Traffic Control System: Method and Results 75 - 80
Gordana Šenborn  
AbstractKeywords: Traffic control, optimization, dynamic programming.MSC: 90B20 90C39Zbl: 1006.90501
Stochastic Inventory Models Involving Variable Lead Time With a Service Level Constraint 81 - 98
Liang-Yuh Ouyang and Bor-Ren Chuang  
AbstractKeywords: Inventory, lead time, service level, minimax distribution free procedure.MSC: 90B05Zbl: 0954.90001
An Algorithm for Generating Random Numbers With Binomial Distribution 99 - 108
Dorin Bocu  
AbstractKeywords: Binomial distribution, selection according to utility.MSC: 65C10 65-04Zbl: 0952.65004
Normalization of Attribute Values in MADM Violates the Conditions of Consistent Choice IV, DI and $alpha$ 109 - 122
Dubravka M. Pavličić  
AbstractKeywords: Normalization, benefit and cost attributes, Likert-type scale, conditions of consistent choiceMSC: 90B50Zbl: 0997.90040
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