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Front Page Publications de l'Institut MathématiquePublisher: Matematički institut SANU, BeogradISSN: 0350-1302Issue: (N.S.) 58 (72)Date: 1995Journal Homepage
This issue of "Publications de l'Institute Mathematique de Belgrade" is dedicated to Prof. dr Slobodan Aljančić (1922-1993).

Slobodan Aljančić (1922--1993) 7 - 12
R. Bojanić and M. Tomić  
AbstractKeywords: Slobodan AljančićMSC: 01A70 01A60Zbl: 0946.01013
Quasiasymptotics and S-asymptotics in s' and d' 13 - 20
Stevan Pilipović  
AbstractKeywords: Quasiasymptotics, S-asymptoticsMSC: 46F10Zbl: 0889.46038
Summability of trigonometric series and Calderon reproducing formulas 21 - 34
W.O. Bray  
AbstractKeywords: Calderon reproducing formulas, trigonometric seriesMSC: 42A24 42A16Zbl: 0886.42002
On M-harmonic space B<sup>s</sup><sub>p</sub> 35 - 42
M. Jevtić  
AbstractKeywords: M-harmonic spaceMSC: 32A37Zbl: 0890.32001
On the behaviour near the origin of sine series with convex coefficients 43 - 50
S.A. Telyakovskii  
AbstractKeywords: sine seriesMSC: 42A32Zbl: 0945.42004
Regular variation on homogeneous cones 51 - 70
T. Ostrogorski  
AbstractKeywords: Regular variation, homogeneous coneMSC: 26A12 43A85Zbl: 0999.26500
Approximation-solvability of Hammerstein equations 71 - 84
P. Milojević  
AbstractKeywords: Approximation solvability, (pseudo) A-proper maps, surjectivity, elliptic, hyperbolic equationsMSC: 47H15 35L70 35L75 35J40Zbl: 0999.47504
Gauss-Petrović linear functionals and slow oscillation in normed linear spaces 85 - 92
Časlav V. Stanojević, D.L. Graser and K.M. Adams  
AbstractKeywords: slow oscillation, normed linear spaceMSC: 46B99Zbl: 0863.46016
Slow oscilation in norm and structure of linear functionals 93 - 100
Časlav V. Stanojević  
AbstractKeywords: slow oscillation, normed linear spaceMSC: 46B99Zbl: 0965.46502
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