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Front Page Novi Sad Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, Novi SadISSN: 1450-5444 (Print), 2406-2014 (Online)Issue: 35_1Date: 2005Journal Homepage

On Jacobson radical of a $\Gamma$-semiring 1 - 9
Sujit Kumar Sardar  
AbstractKeywords: irreducible $\Gamma S$-semimodule; faithful $\Gamma S$-semimodule; annihilator; zeroid; primitive $\Gamma$-semiring; Jacobson radical; subdirect sum; strongly seminilpotent and strongly nilpotent ideal; semisimple $\Gamma$-semiringMSC: 16Y60; 16Y99; 20N10
Note on the factors of graphs 11 - 13
Dǎnuţ Marcu  
AbstractKeywords: connected graphs; 1-factors; k-factorsMSC: 05C40
Free Biassociative Groupoids 15 - 23
Snežana Ilić, Biljana Janeva and Naum Celakoski  
AbstractKeywords: biassociative groupoids; partial groupoids; partial semigroups; free groupoids; generating set; basis; base; exponent; primitive elementMSC: 03C05; 08B20
CaseBaseGenerator for intelligent systems 25 - 40
Vladimir Kurbalija and Mirjana Ivanović  
AbstractKeywords: intelligent systems; databases and information retrieval; case based reasoning
The structure of spline collocation matrix for singularly perturbation problems with two small parameters 41 - 48
Katarina Surla, Ljiljana Teofanov and Zorica Uzelac  
AbstractKeywords: singular perturbation; convection-diffusion-reaction; collocation method; Shishkin meshMSC: 34E15; 65L10; 65L12
On the improved family of simultaneous methods for the inclusion of multiple polynomial zeros 49 - 57
Dušan M. Milošević and Ljiljana D. Petković  
AbstractKeywords: zeros of polynomials; simultaneous methods; convergence rate; circular arithmeticMSC: 65H05; 65G20; 30C15
Square-root families for the simultaneous approximation of polynomial multiple zeros 59 - 70
Lidija Z. Rančić and Miodrag S. Petković  
AbstractKeywords: polynomial multiple zeros; simultaneous iterative methods; convergence analysis; accelerated convergence; R-order of convergenceMSC: 65H05; 65G20; 30C15
Convergence of the MRV method at singular points 71 - 78
Zorana Lužanin and Tibor Lukić  
AbstractKeywords: nonlinear system; singular problems; sublinear convergence; Newton-like methodMSC: 65H10
On probabilistic 2-normed spaces 95 - 102
Ioan Golet  
AbstractKeywords: probabilistic 2-normed spaces; random 2-normsMSC: 60H10; 46H25
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