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Front Page Novi Sad Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, Novi SadISSN: 1450-5444 (Print), 2406-2014 (Online)Issue: 35_2Date: 2005Journal Homepage

Integrated $C$-semigroups of unbounded linear operators in Banach spaces 1 - 17
Ratko Kravarušić and Milorad Mijatović  
AbstractKeywords: integrated C-semigroup; infinitesimal generators; C-pseudoresolventsMSC: 47D06
Some spaces of lacunary convergent sequences defined by Orlicz functions 19 - 25
T. A Chishti  
AbstractKeywords: sequence spaces; Lacunary sequences; almost convergence; Orlicz functionMSC: 46A45; 40C05
Remarks on the embedding of spaces of distributions into spaces of Colombeau generalized functions 27 - 40
Antoine Delcroix  
AbstractKeywords: Schwartz distributions; Colombeau generalized functions; embeddingMSC: 46E10; 46E25; 46F05; 46F30
Cosine operator functions and Hilbert transforms 41 - 55
Fikret Vajzović and Amina Šahović  
AbstractKeywords: cosine function; strictly convex space; Hilbert transformMSC: 47D09 47A35; 47D03
On the Ulam problem for Euler quadratic mappings 57 - 66
John Michael Rassias  
AbstractKeywords: Ulam problem; stability; Euler quadraticMSC: 39B82
About d-linear connections compatible with a conformal metrical structure 67 - 78
Monica Purcaru and Marius Păun  
AbstractKeywords: tangent bundle; d-linear connection; curvature; torsion; conformal metrical structure; invariantMSC: 53C05; 53C60; 53C15
A general fixed point theorem for two pairs of mappings on two metric spaces 79 - 83
Valeriu Popa  
AbstractKeywords: fixed point; implicit relation;complete metric spaceMSC: 54H25
On irrotational $D$-conformal curvature tensor 85 - 92
C.S. Bagewadi, E. Girish Kumar and Venkatesha  
AbstractKeywords: irrotational; K-contact; trans-Sasakian; Kenmotsu; Einsteinian manifoldMSC: 85-92
Semilattices with sectionally antitone bijections 93 - 101
Ivan Chajda and Sándor Radeleczki  
AbstractKeywords: semilattice; antitone bijection; tree; implication algebraMSC: 06A12; 06F99; 03G25; 08B05; 08C15
A method of the determination of a geodesic curve on ruled surface with timelike rulings 103 - 110
Emin Kasap  
AbstractKeywords: geodesic curve; non-linear differential equation; time-like ruled surfaceMSC: 58E10
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