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Front Page Novi Sad Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, Novi SadISSN: 1450-5444 (Print), 2406-2014 (Online)Issue: 18_1Date: 1988Journal Homepage

On approximately and bounded homomorphisms on uniform commutative semigroups 111 - 118
Endre Pap  
AbstractKeywords: uniform semigroup; approximately homomorphism; triangular bounded homomorphismMSC: 46A15
Bijective maps which are close to partial isometries 119 - 127
Endre Pap  
AbstractKeywords: (I;J')-isometny; pseudometric centerMSC: 47A05; 54E40
Common fixed points of weakly commuting mappings 129 - 142
Y. J. Cho, M. S. Khan and S. L. Siengh  
AbstractKeywords: common fixed point theorems; weakly commuting mappingMSC: 54H25
Additive selections of additive set-valued functions 143 - 148
Kazimierz Nikodim  
AbstractKeywords: set-valued functions; selections additive functions; extremal pointsMSC: 54C65; 26E25; 39B70
A coincidence theorem for multifunctions 149 - 156
Valeriu Popa  
AbstractKeywords: fixed point; multifunctionMSC: 54H25
On some classes of permutable $n$-groupoids and $n$-quasigroups 157 - 162
Zoran Stojaković  
AbstractKeywords: n-groupoid; n-quasigroup; permutation; H-permutableMSC: 20N15
Cyclic vector valued groupoids 163 - 168
Zoran Stojaković  
AbstractKeywords: n-ary groupoid; (n;m)-groupoid; cyclic identityMSC: 20N15
The asymptotic of elements belonging to $\mathcal D_{L^p}$ and $\mathcal D'_{L^p}$ 169 - 175
Bogoljub Stanković  
AbstractKeywords: asymptotic behaviour of a distribution; S-asymptoticMSC: 46F10
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