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Front Page Matematički VesnikPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 0025-5165 (Print), 2406-0682 (Online)Issue: 70_4Date: 2018Journal Homepage

On viability result for first-order functional differential inclusions 283 - 291
M. Aitalioubrahim  
AbstractKeywords: multifunction; measurability; selection; functional differential inclusion.MSC: 34A60 49J52
A new extension of Bessel-Maitland function and its properties 292 - 302
M. Ghayasuddin and W. A. Khan  
AbstractKeywords: Generalized Bessel-Maitland function; Wright hypergeometric function; fractional calculus.MSC: 42C05 33C45
The Zariski topology on the graded classical prime spectrum of a graded module over a graded commutative ring 303 - 313
K. Al-Zoubi and M. Jaradat  
AbstractKeywords: graded classical prime spectrum; graded classical prime submodule; Zariski topology.MSC: 13A02 16W50
Existence and uniqueness results for three-point nonlinear fractional (arbitrary order) boundary value problem 314 - 325
S. Kumar, R. K. Vats and H. K. Nashine  
AbstractKeywords: filtered Lagrangian Floer homology; Künneth formula; PSS isomorphism.MSC: 26A33 34B15
Generalized Hölder's inequality in Morrey spaces 326 - 337
Ifronika , M. Idris, A. A. Masta and H. Gunawan  
AbstractKeywords: Hölder's inequality; generalized Hölder's inequality; Morrey spaces; weak Morrey spaces; generalized Morrey spaces; generalized weak Morrey spaces.MSC: 26D15 46B25; 46E30
Non-normal $p$-bicirculants, $p$ a prime 338 - 343
M. Arezoomand  
AbstractKeywords: semi-Cayley graph; bicirculant; normal semi-Cayley graph.MSC: 05C25 20B25
On some multivariate summatory functions of the Euler phi-function 344 - 349
K. Algali  
AbstractKeywords: Euler phi-function; multiplicative functions; least common multiple; greatest common divisor; asymptotic formula.MSC: 11A25 11N37;11N60;11A05
Coarser compact topologies 350 - 363
V. Gutev  
AbstractKeywords: Vietoris topology; separately continuous weak selection; coarser topology; weakly orderable space; quasi-king space; pseudocompact space.MSC: 54B20 54C65; 54D30; 54F05
On graded 2-absorbing submodules over $Gr$-multiplication modules 364 - 376
F. Soheilnia and A. Yousefian Darani  
AbstractKeywords: Graded multiplication modules; graded prime submodules; graded 2-absorbing submodules; graded classical submodules; graded classical 2-absorbing submodules.MSC: 13A02 16W50

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