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Front Page Matematički VesnikPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 0025-5165 (Print), 2406-0682 (Online)Issue: 70_3Date: 2018Journal Homepage

On the $L^p$ boundedness of semiclassical Fourier integral operators 189 - 203
O. Elong and A. Senoussaoui  
AbstractKeywords: $h$-Fourier integral operators; symbol and phase; $L^p$-boundedness.MSC: 35S30
A fixed point theorem for mappings with a contractive iterate in rectangular $b$-metric spaces 204 - 210
Z. Mitrović  
AbstractKeywords: Fixed points; rectangular $b$-metric space.MSC: 47H10
Hyperball packings in hyperbolic $3$-space 211 - 221
J. Szirmai  
AbstractKeywords: Hyperbolic geometry; hyperball packings; packing density; Coxeter tilings.MSC: 52C17 52C22; 52B15
Filtered Lagrangian Floer homology of product manifolds 222 - 232
J. Nikolić  
AbstractKeywords: Filtered Lagrangian Floer homology; Künneth formula; PSS isomorphism.MSC: 53D40 55U25; 53D12
Split feasibility problem for countable family of multi-valued nonlinear mappings 233 - 242
J. N. Ezeora and R. C. Ogbonna  
AbstractKeywords: Split feasibilty problem; multi- valued mappings; pseudocontractive mapping; total asymptotically strict pseudocontractive mapping; Hilbert space.MSC: 47H09 47H10; 49J20; 49J40
Generalized wintgen inequality for bi-slant submanifolds in locally conformal Kaehler space forms 243 - 249
M. Aquib, M. S. Lone and M. A. Lone  
AbstractKeywords: Bi-slant submanifold; locally conformal Kaehler space forms; Wintgen inequality.MSC: 53B05 53B20; 53C40
Remarks on weakly star countable spaces 250 - 256
Y-K. Song and W-F. Xuan  
AbstractKeywords: Star countable; weakly star countable.MSC: 54D20 54A35
On the classes of functions of bounded partial and total $\Lambda$-variation 257 - 266
A. N. Bakhvalov  
AbstractKeywords: Generalized variation; multiple Fourier series.MSC: 42B05 26B30
Exact formulae of general sum-connectivity index for some graph operations 267 - 282
S. Akhter, R. Farooq and S. Pirzada  
AbstractKeywords: General sum-connectivity index; graph operations.MSC: 05C07

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