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Front Page Matematički VesnikPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 0025-5165 (Print), 2406-0682 (Online)Issue: 53_3-4Date: 2001Journal Homepage

Recherche des Ensembles Minimum Pour une Cascade de Files D'attente Avec Impatiences 61 - 70
Abdalkader Gheriballah et Bénamar Chouaf  
AbstractKeywords: Chaines de Markov, récurrence, récurrence positive, file d'attente, tandem.MSC: 60K25
Approximate Solution of a Boundary Problem for a Linear Complex Differential Equation of the Second Order 71 - 76
Miloš Čanak and Ljubomir Protić  
AbstractKeywords: Complex psi_differences, boundary problem.MSC: 34M20 65L10Zbl: 1098.34583
A Generalization of Darboux Theorem 77 - 78
Đorđe Dugošija  
AbstractKeywords: Mean value theorems, analysis.MSC: 26A24Zbl: 1083.26008
On a Nonlocal Singular Mixed Evolution Problem 79 - 89
Said Mesloub and Nadia Lekrine  
AbstractKeywords: Strong solution, a priori bound, plurihyperbolic equation.MSC: 35L20 35L67Zbl: 1093.35517
Some new Properties of Sequence Spaces and Application to the Continued Fractions 91 - 102
Bruno de Malafosse  
AbstractKeywords: Sequence spaces, continued fractionsMSC: 46A15 40A15
Some Theorems on Cosymplectic Hypersurfaces of Six-dimensional Hermitian Submanifolds of Cayley Algebras 103 - 110
Mihail Banaru  
AbstractKeywords: Hermitian manifold, almost contact metric structure, ruled manifold, minimal submanifols, cosymplectic structure, $g$-cosymplectic hypersurfaces axiom, type number.MSC: 53C40Zbl: 1041.53034
Extremal Properties of the Chromatic Polynomials of Connected 3-chromatic Graphs 111 - 116
Ioan Tomescu  
AbstractKeywords: Chromatic polynomial, connected 3-chromatic graph, 3-color partition, skeleton of a graph.MSC: 05C15
Bilinear Expansions of the Kernels of Some Nonselfadjoint Integral Operators 117 - 121
Milutin Dostanić  
AbstractKeywords: Nonselfadjoint integral operators, bilinear expansion.MSC: 47G10 45P05Zbl: 1029.47017

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