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Front Page Matematički VesnikPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 0025-5165 (Print), 2406-0682 (Online)Issue: 54_1-2Date: 2002Journal Homepage

Measures of Non-strict-singularity and Non-strict-cosingularity 1 - 7
Snežana Živković  
AbstractKeywords: Strictly (co)singular operators, measures of non-strict-(co)singularity, semi-Fredholm operators.MSC: 47A10 47A53
The Radius of Convexity for the Class of Janowski Convex Functions of Complex Order 9 - 12
Yasar Polatoglu and Metin Bolcal  
AbstractKeywords: Janowski convex functions of complex order, radius of convexity, convex functions, $l$-spirallike functions, Convex functions of order~$a$, $l$-spirallike functions of order~$a$.MSC: 30C45Zbl: 1058.30017
Weakly Theta-closed Functions Between Fuzzy Topological Spaces 13 - 20
Miguel Caldas, Govindappa Navalagi and Ratnesh Saraf  
AbstractKeywords: Fuzzy theta-open sets, fuzzy weakly open, fuzzy theta-continuous, fuzzy weakly theta-continuous, fuzzy extremally disconnected spaces, fuzzy almost compact spaces.MSC: 54A40 54C10 54D10Zbl: 1054.54003
On B-algebras 21 - 29
J. Neggers and Hee Sik Kim  
AbstractKeywords: B-algebra, commutative, derived algebra.MSC: 06F35Zbl: 1224.06041
M-estimates of Setar Model Parameters 31 - 36
Dragan Đorić  
AbstractKeywords: Autoregressive threshold model, M-estimates, strong consistency.MSC: 62M10Zbl: 1033.62089
Characterizations of Convexities of Normed Spaces by Means of g-angles 37 - 44
Pavle M. Miličić  
AbstractKeywords: Strictly convex spaces, uniformly convex spaces, normed spaces that are uniformly convex in every direction.MSC: 46C15 46B20 51K05Zbl: 1051.46007
Jovan Karamata (1902--1967) 45 - 51
Vojislav Marić  
AbstractKeywords: Jovan KaramataMSC: 01A70 01A60Zbl: 1058.01017

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