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Front Page Kragujevac Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Prirodno-matematički fakultet Kragujevac, KragujevacISSN: 1450-9628Issue: 46_4Date: 2022Journal Homepage

On Distance Irregular Labeling of Disconnected Graphs 507 - 523
Faisal Susanto, Kristiana Wijaya, Prasanti Mia Purnama and Slamin  
AbstractKeywords: Distance irregular labeling; disconnected graphs; paths; suns; helms; friendshipsMSC: 05C78
Maps Preserving the Spectrum of Skew Lie Product of Operators 525 - 532
Eman Alzedani and Mohamed Mabrouk  
AbstractKeywords: Nonlinear preservers; spectrum; Skew Lie productMSC: 47B49 47A10; 47A11
Extensions of Meir-Keeler Contraction via $w$-distances with an Application 533 - 547
Sedigheh Barootkoob, Erdal Karapinar, Hosein Lakzian and Ankush Chanda  
AbstractKeywords: $w$-distance; $\alpha$-orbital admissible map; weaker Meir-Keeler function; Fredholm integral equationMSC: 47H10 47H09; 54H25
Investigation the Existence of a Solution for a Multi-Singular Fractional Differential Equation with Multi-Points Boundary Conditions 549 - 574
M. Talaee, Mehdi Shabibi, Alireza Gilani and Shahram Rezapour  
AbstractKeywords: Caputo derivative; fixed point; multi-singular equation; multi-points boundary conditionsMSC: 34A08 34A60
$\mathcal N$-Cubic Sets Applied to Linear Spaces 575 - 594
P. R. Kavyasree and B. Surender Reddy  
AbstractKeywords: $\mathcal N$-Interval number; interval-valued $\mathcalN$-fuzzy linear space; $\mathcal N$-cubic linear space; internal and external $\mathcal N$-cubic linear spaces; $P$-intersection and $P$-union; $R$-intersection and $R$-unionMSC: 08A72 03E72
Boundedness of $\mathbf L$-Index in Joint Variables for Sum of Entire Functions 595 - 603
A. Bandura  
AbstractKeywords: Entire function of several variables; bounded $\mathbfL$-index in joint variables; sum of entire functionsMSC: 32A15 32A17; 30D20
Hankel Determinants for a New Subclasses of Analytic Functions Involving a Linear Operator 605 - 616
Laxmipriya Parida, Teodor Bulboaca and Ashok Kumar Sahoo  
AbstractKeywords: Analytic functions; differential subordination; Hankel determinant; Fekete-Szegö problem; Carlson-Shaffer operator; Bernoulli's lemniscateMSC: 30C45 30C80
On Fuzzy Primary and Fuzzy Quasi-Primary Ideals in LA-Semigroups 617 - 633
Pairote Yiarayong  
AbstractKeywords: LA-semigroup; fuzzy primary ideal; weakly fuzzy quasi-primary ideal; fuzzy completely primary ideal; fuzzy quasi-primary idealMSC: 03E72 94D05; 18B40
Iterative Continuous Collocation Method for Solving Nonlinear Volterra Integral Equations 635 - 648
K. Rouibah, A. Bellour, P. Lima and E. Rawashdeh  
AbstractKeywords: Nonlinear Volterra integral equation; continuous collocation method; iterative method; Lagrange polynomialsMSC: 45L05 65R20
Two-Dimensional Wavelet with Matrix Dilation $M=2I$ and its Application in Solving Integral Equations 649 - 666
Mahdieh Tahami and Ataollah Askari Hemmat  
AbstractKeywords: Wavelet with matrix dilation; multiresolution analysis; integral equationMSC: 41A99 65L20; 65T60

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