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Front Page Kragujevac Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Prirodno-matematički fakultet Kragujevac, KragujevacISSN: 1450-9628Issue: 46_5Date: 2022Journal Homepage

Entire Function Sharing Entire Function with its First Derivative 675 - 683
Sujoy Majumder and Jeet Sarkar  
AbstractKeywords: Meromorphic functions; derivative; nevanlinna theory; normal familyMSC: 30D35 30D30
Existence and Stability Results of a Nonlinear Fractional Integro-Differential Equation with Integral Boundary Conditions 685 - 699
Naimi Abdellouahab, Brahim Tellab and Khaled Zennir  
AbstractKeywords: Fractional integro-differential equation; existence; stability; nonlocal conditions; fixed point theory; single valued mapsMSC: 34A08; 26A33 34B15; 34K20
Lower Bounds for Energy of Matrices and Energy of Regular Graphs 701 - 709
Mohammad Reza Oboudi  
AbstractKeywords: Energy of matrices; energy of graphs; energy of regular graphsMSC: 05C31 05C50; 15A18
Computing the Total Vertex Irregularity Strength Associated with Zero Divisor Graph of Commutative Ring 711 - 719
Ali Ahmad  
AbstractKeywords: Total vertex irregularity strength; zero divisor graph; commutative ringMSC: 05C78 05C25; 05C12
Stability of Nonlinear Neutral Mixed Type Liven-Nohel Integro-Differential Equations 721 - 732
Karima Bessioud, Abdelouaheb Ardjouni and Ahcene Djoudi  
AbstractKeywords: Asymptotic stability; contraction mapping theorem; neutral integro-differential equations; mixed typeMSC: 34K20 45J05; 45D05
Rough Statistical Convergence for Difference Sequences 733 - 742
Nihal Demir and Hafize Gumus  
AbstractKeywords: Statistical convergence; difference sequences; rough convergence; statistical limit setMSC: 40G15 40A35
Quotient Hoops Induced by Quasi-Valuation Maps 743 - 757
R. A. Borzooei, G. R. Rezaei, M. Aaly Kologani and Y. B. Jun  
AbstractKeywords: Hoop; quasi-valuation map; $S_\odot$-quasi-valuation map; $S_\to$-quasi-valuation map; $F$-quasi-valuation map; (pseudo) metric spaceMSC: 06B30 03G25; 06D20
Obtaining Voigt Functions Via Quadrature Formula for the Fractional in Time Diffusion and Wave Problem 759 - 772
Hemant Kumar, M. A. Pathan and Surya Kant Rai  
AbstractKeywords: Caputo fractional derivative; Sturm-Liouville diffusion and wave problem; non-zero zeros of Bessel function; Voigt functionsMSC: 26A33; 35M33; 35M12; 44A30
$(F,G)$-Derivations on a Lattice 773 - 787
Abdelaziz Amroune, Lemnaouar Zedam and Mourad Yettou  
AbstractKeywords: Lattice; $(F;G)$-derivation; principal $(F;G)$-derivation; lattice representationMSC: 06B05; 03G10 06B99
Infinitely Many Solutions to a Fourth-Order Impulsive Differential Equation with Two Control Parameters 789 - 795
Hadi Haghshenas and Ghasem A. Afrouzi  
AbstractKeywords: Infinitely many solutions; impulsive differential equations; critical points; variational methodsMSC: 34B15; 34B37; 58E30
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