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Studying the Krull Dimension of Finite Lattices Under the Prism of Matrices 2901 - 2915
T Dube, D N Georgiou, A C Megaritis and F Sereti  
AbstractKeywords: Krull dimension; finite poset; finite lattice; incidence matrix; order-matrix; join prime elements; prime filters; heightMSC: 06A07DOI:
A Class of Constacyclic Codes from Group Algebras 2917 - 2923
Mehmet E Koroglu and Irfan Siap  
AbstractKeywords: group algebras; cyclic codes; constacyclic codesMSC: 94B05; 94B15DOI:
On the Spectral Invariants of Symmetric Matrices with Applications in the Spectral Graph Theory 2925 - 2932
Abdullah Alazemi, Milica Anđelić and Slobodan K Simić  
AbstractKeywords: Weighted graph; symmetric matrix; characteristic polynomial; spectral radius; graph walksMSC: 05C50; 15A18DOI:
n-Ideals of Commutative Rings 2933 - 2941
Unsal Tekir, Suat Koc and Kursat Hakan Oral  
AbstractKeywords: prime ideal; r-ideal; n-idealMSC: 13A15; 13A99DOI:
On 2-Absorbing Quasi Primary Submodules 2943 - 2950
Suat Koc, Rabia Nagehan Uregen and Unsal Tekir  
AbstractKeywords: multiplication module; prime submodule; 2-absorbing submoduleMSC: 13A15DOI:
A Suzuki-Type Common Fixed Point Theorem 2951 - 2956
N Chandra, M C Arya and Mahesh C Joshi  
AbstractKeywords: Fixed point; common fixed point and Suzuki-type fixed point theoremMSC: 47H10; 54H25DOI:
Matrix Transformations on Mixed Paranorm Spaces 2957 - 2966
Eberhard Malkowsky, Faruk Özger and Vesna Veličković  
AbstractKeywords: Mixed panorm sequence spaces; matrix transformations and visualizationMSC: 46B45; 47B37DOI:
A Coverage Probability of Bootstrap-t Confidence Interval for the Variance 2967 - 2974
Vesna Ć Rajić  
AbstractKeywords: Confidence interval; t-statistic; Bootstrap; Bootstrap-t interval. Coverage probability; Edgeworth expansionMSC: 62G10; 62E20DOI:
Common fixed point theorems for hybrid pair of mappings 2975 - 2979
P C Mathpal, L K Joshi, Mahesh C Joshi and N Chandra  
AbstractKeywords: Coincidence point; Housdro metric; hybrid mapsMSC: 47H10; 54H25DOI:
Multi-Criteria Decision Making Method for Models with the Dominant Criterion 2981 - 2989
Miodrag M Žižović, Nada Damljanović and Mališa R Žižović  
AbstractKeywords: Multi-criteria analysis; alternative; criterion; weightMSC: 09B50; 91B06DOI:
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