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Fixed points of α-dominated mappings on dislocated quasi metric spaces 3041 - 3056
Muhammad Arshad, Zoran Kadelburg, Stojan Radenović, Abdullah Shoaib and Satish Shukla  
AbstractKeywords: Unique common fixed point; contractive mapping; a-dominated mapping; complete dislocated quasi metric spaceMSC: 47H10; 54H25DOI:
Existence of solutions of cantilever beam problem via (α-β-FG)-contractions in b-metric-like spaces 3057 - 3074
Hemant Kumar Nashine and Zoran Kadelburg  
AbstractKeywords: b-metric-like space; fixed point; weakly a-admissible mapping; F-contraction; Ulam-Hyers stability; two-point boundary value problem.MSC: 47H10; 54H25; 34B60DOI:
Degenerate c-distribution cosine functions and degenerate c-ultradistribution cosine functions in locally convex spaces 3075 - 3089
Daniel Velinov, Marko Kostić and Stevan Pilipović  
AbstractKeywords: Degenerate C-distribution cosine functions; degenerate C-ultradistribution cosine functions; degenerate C-distribution semigroups; degenerate C-ultradistribution semigroups; degenerate integrated C-semigroups; degenerate integrated C-cosine functions; subgenerators; multivalued linear operators; locally convex spacesMSC: 47D03; 47D06; 47D60; 47D62; 47D99DOI:
A note on generalized quasi-contraction 3091 - 3093
Dejan Ilić and Darko Kocev  
AbstractKeywords: Generalized quasi-contraction; wdistanceMSC: 47H10; 54H25DOI:
On strong summability and convergence 3095 - 3123
Eberhard Malkowsky  
AbstractKeywords: Strong summability; strong convergence; BK spaces; matrix transformations; measures of noncompactness; compact operatorsMSC: 46A45; 47B37; 40H05DOI:
On the existence of bounded solutions to a class of nonlinear initial value problems with delay 3125 - 3135
Muhammad Usman Ali, Fairouz Tchier and Calogero Vetro  
AbstractKeywords: Nonlinear initial value problem with delay; Perov’s fixed point theorem; A-admissible mappingMSC: 34A12; 35F25; 47H10DOI:
On the equivalence between Perov fixed point theorem and Banach contraction principle 3137 - 3146
Marija Cvetković  
AbstractKeywords: Banach fixed point theorem; Perov theorem; Perov type contraction; cone metric spaceMSC: 47H10; 54H25DOI:
Ćirić type nonunique fixed point theorems on b-metric spaces 3147 - 3156
Hamed H Alsulami, Erdal Karapinar and Vladimir Rakočević  
AbstractKeywords: abstract metric space; non-unique fixed point; self-mappingsMSC: 46T99; 47H10; 54H25DOI:
A new φ-generalized quasi metric space with some fixed point results and applications 3157 - 3172
Mujahid Abbas, Bahru Tsegaye Leyew and Hussain Khan  
AbstractKeywords: ф-generalized quasi metric space; fixed point; (a; ф)-contractions; domain of words; delay dierential equationsMSC: 47H10; 47H04; 47H07DOI:
Contributions to the coupled coincidence point problem in b-metric spaces with applications 3173 - 3180
Adrian Petrusel, Gabriela Petrusel and Jen Chin Yao  
AbstractKeywords: Single-valued operator; b-metric space; fixed point; ordered metric space; coupled coincidence point; data dependence; well-posedness; Ulam-Hyers stability; limit shadowing (Ostrowski) property; integral equation; dierential equationMSC: 47H10 54H25
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