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The DMP inverse for rectangular matrices 6015 - 6019
Lingsheng Meng  
AbstractKeywords: DMP inverse; W-weighted Drazin inverse; Moore-Penrose inverseMSC: 15A09DOI:
Addendum to: On a simultaneous generalization of β-normality and almost normality 6021 - 6022
A K Das, Pratibha Bhat and J K Tartir  
AbstractKeywords: Almost β-normal; almost normalMSC: 54D15DOI:
New classification results on surfaces with a canonical principal direction in the Minkowski 3-space 6023 - 6040
Alev Kelleci, Mahmut Ergüt and Nurettin Cenk Turgay  
AbstractKeywords: Minkowski space; Lorentzian surfaces; canonical principal directionMSC: 53B25; 53A35; 53C50DOI:
On coupled Hadamard type sequential fractional differential equations with variable coefficients and nonlocal integral boundary conditions 6041 - 6049
Shorog Aljoudi, Bashir Ahmad, Juan J Nieto and Ahmed Alsaedi  
AbstractKeywords: Hadamard fractional derivative; variable coefficients; coupled system; integral boundary conditions; existenceMSC: 34A08; 34B10; 34B15DOI:
Existence of solution and iterative approximation of a system of generalized variational-like inclusion problems in semi-inner product spaces 6051 - 6070
Mohd Iqbal Bhat and Bisma Zahoor  
AbstractKeywords: System of generalized variational-like inclusion problems; (H; ')--monotone operator; Generalized resolvent operator; Semi-inner product spaces; Iterative algorithmMSC: 47H09; 47J20; 49J40DOI:
Identities for the shifted harmonic numbers and binomial coefficients 6071 - 6086
Ce Xu  
AbstractKeywords: Harmonic numbers; polylogarithm function; binomial coefficients; integral representations; combinatorial series identities; summation formulasMSC: 05A10; 05A19; 11B65; 11B83; 11M06; 33B15; 33D60; 33C20DOI:
The multiple composition of the left and right fractional Riemann-Liouville integrals – analytical and numerical calculations 6087 - 6099
Mariusz Ciesielski and Tomasz Blaszczyk  
AbstractKeywords: fractional calculus; fractional integral operators; numerical algorithmsMSC: 26A33; 33C05; 65D15DOI:
Characterization of matrix classes involving some sets of sequences of fuzzy numbers 6101 - 6112
Hemen Dutta and Jyotishmaan Gogoi  
AbstractKeywords: Fuzzy numbers; level set; set of sequences of fuzzy numbers; convergence sequence; matrix transformationsMSC: 03E72; 40C05; 40D05; 40A05; 26A03; 46A45DOI:
On a solvable class of product-type systems of difference equations 6113 - 6129
Stevo Stević, Bratislav Iričanin and Zdeněk Šmarda  
AbstractKeywords: System of difference equations; product-type system; solvable in closed formMSC: 39A20; 39A45DOI:
Generalized Baskakov Kantorovich operators 6131 - 6151
P N Agrawal and Meenu Goyal  
AbstractKeywords: Baskakov Kantorovich; rate of convergence; modulus of continuity; simultaneous approximation; asymptotic formulaMSC: 41A25; 41A25; 41A28DOI:
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