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On some inequalities for submanifolds of Bochner-Kaehler manifolds 5511 - 5523
Mehraj Ahmad Lone, Mohammed Jamali and Mohammad Hasan Shahid  
AbstractKeywords: Bochner-Kaehler manifold; CR-warped product; slant submanifolds; Einstein manifold; Chen inequality.MSC: 53C15; 53C25; 53C40DOI:
Multidecomposition of cartesian product of some graphs into even cycles and matchings 5525 - 5537
P Kandan  
AbstractKeywords: Multidecomposition; Cartesian Product; Path; Cycle; Complete graph.MSC: 05C70; 05C38; Secondary: 05C51DOI:
Solvability conditions for mixed Sylvester equations in rings 5539 - 5543
Huaxi Chen, Long Wang and Qian Wang  
AbstractKeywords: System of matrix equations; Sylvester equation; Regular; Ring.MSC: 15A06; 15A24DOI:
Minimal extremal graphs for addition of algebraic connectivity and independence number of connected graphs 5545 - 5551
Kinkar Ch Das and Muhuo Lui  
AbstractKeywords: Graph; Laplacian matrix; Algebraic connectivity; Independence number; Radius; Lower boundMSC: 05C50; 15A18DOI:
Boundary Schwarz lemma for Holomorphic functions 5553 - 5565
Bülent Nafi Örnek and Burcu Gök  
AbstractKeywords: Schwarz lemma on the boundary; Holomorphic function; Angular derivativeMSC: 30C80; 32A10DOI:
A new approach to Jacobsthal quaternions 5567 - 5579
Fügen Torunbalcı Aydın and Salim Yüce  
AbstractKeywords: Jacobsthal number; Jacobsthal-Lucas number; Jacobsthal quaternion; Jacobsthal-Lucas quaternionMSC: 11R52; 11L10; 20G20DOI:
Almost sure central limit theorems for m-dependent random variables 5581 - 5590
Yu Miao and Xiaoyan Xu  
AbstractKeywords: Almost sure central limit theorem; m-dependent random variables.MSC: 60F10DOI:
Improvement of the accuracy in testing the effect in the Cox proportional hazards model using higher order approximations 5591 - 5601
Silvie Bělašková and Eva Fišerová  
AbstractKeywords: Higher order asymptotics; likelihood function; likelihood ratio test; Wald test; score test; Cox proportional hazards model; Lugannani-Rice formula; Barndor-Nielsen formula; censoring; truncationMSC: 62N03; 62N01DOI: 10.2298/FIL1718591B
Boundary value problems for impulsive fractional differential equations in Banach spaces 5603 - 5616
Shuai Yang and Shuqin Zhang  
AbstractKeywords: Boundary value problem; fractional differential equations; impulsive; Banach space; fixed point theoremMSC: 26A33; 34A08; 34A37; 34G20; 34K10DOI:
A new type of q-Szász-Mirakjan operators 5617 - 5628
Adina Chirilă  
AbstractKeywords: Linear positive operators; q-Szász-Mirakjan operators; Voronovskaja theorem.MSC: 41A36DOI:
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