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Front Page Zbornik RadovaPublisher: Matematički institut SANU, BeogradISSN: 0351-9406Issue: 14(22)Date: 2011

Applications of Graph Spectra: An Introduction to the Literature 9 - 34
Dragoš Cvetković  
AbstractKeywords: graph spectra, application, bibliography, chemistry, physics, computer scienceMSC: 05C50 05C90 01A90
Multiprocessor Interconnection Networks 35 - 62
Dragoš Cvetković and Tatjana Davidović  
AbstractKeywords: multiprocessor systems, interconnection topologies, load balancing, spectra of graphs, graph invariantsMSC: 05C50 68M07 68M10 68M14
Spectral Techniques in Complex Networks 63 - 84
Silvia Gago  
AbstractKeywords: algebraic connectivity, complex networks, eigenvalue distribution, synchronization, community structureMSC: 0502 05C50
Applications of Graph Spectra in Quantum Physics 85 - 111
Dragan Stevanović  
AbstractKeywords: quantum spin system, perfect state transferMSC: 0502 05C50 81P68
Hyperenergetic and Hypoenergetic Graphs 113 - 135
Ivan Gutman  
AbstractKeywords: energy (of graph), hyperenergetic graph, hypoenergetic graph, spectrum (of graph), chemistryMSC: 05C50 05C90 92E10
Nullity of Graphs: An Updated Survey 137 - 154
Ivan Gutman and Bojana Borovićanin  
AbstractKeywords: zero eigenvalue (of graph), spectrum (of graph), chemistryMSC: 05C50 05C90 92E10
The Estrada Index: An Updated Survey 155 - 174
Ivan Gutman, Hanyuan Deng and Slavko Radenković  
AbstractKeywords: Estrada index, spectrum (of graph), Laplacian spectrum (of graph), chemistryMSC: 05C50 05C90 92E10

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