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Front Page Yugoslav Journal of Operations ResearchPublisher: Faculty of Organizational Sciences, BelgradeISSN: 0354-0243Issue: 3_2Date: 1993Journal Homepage

Minimax Theory with Transversal Points 129 - 158
Milan R Tasković  
AbstractKeywords: Minimax theory, theory of transversality, topological transversality, partially ordered sets, game theory, fixed point theory, saddle points, transversal points, Borsuk-Ulam theorem, von Neumann's theory, minimax inequalities
A Linear Algorithm for Construction of Optimal Digital Convex 2k-gons 159 - 170
Dragan M. Acketa, Snežana Matić - Kekić and Joviša D. Žunić  
AbstractKeywords: Digital geometry, optimization, time complexity
Large File Operations Support Using Order Preserving Perfect Hashing Functions 171 - 188
Dušan Starčević and Emil Jovanov  
AbstractKeywords: Physical file organization, hashing, B- tree algorithms, sorting, data management systems
Scheduling under the Due Date Criterion with Varying Penalties for Lateness 189 - 198
Costas P.Pappis and G. I. Adamopulos  
AbstractKeywords: Due date, weighted lateness, CON method, SLK method, scheduling
Application of Neural-Net Computing to Transient Stability Assessment and Enhancement of Electric Power Systems 199 - 218
Miodrag Đukanović, Mirko Milić, Dejan J. Šobajić and Yoh-Han Pao  
AbstractKeywords: short term system dynamics, transient stability, security assessment, neural-nets, adaptive pattern recognition
Signal Group: Definitions and Algorithms 219 - 240
Slobodan Guberinić and Snežana Mitrović - Minić  
AbstractKeywords: Traffic, control. signalized intersection, signal group, integer programming
Standardised Models for Farm Planning and Farm Decision Making in Greece 241 - 262
Basil D. Manos  
AbstractKeywords: Farm planning, model, data envelopment, transportation, computer farm records, accounts system

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