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Front Page The Teaching of MathematicsPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 1451-4966 (Print), 2406-1077 (Online)Issue: XX_2Date: 2017Journal Homepage

70 years of the Mathematical Society of Serbia 47 - 63
Vojislav Andrić, Zoran Kadelburg, Filip Marić and Pavle Mladenović  
AbstractKeywords: Mathematical society; Mathematical congress; Mathematical olympiad; Olympiad in informatics.MSC: A30 01A74
Borromean rings and mathematical storytelling 64 - 73
Rade T. Živaljević  
AbstractKeywords: Mathematical storytelling; Borromean rings; Brunnian rings; Gray codes; linking number.MSC: 97G90 G94
Transforming the disk model of hyperbolic geometry to the upper half-plane model 74 - 80
Stylianos Kaisaris  
AbstractKeywords: Hyperbolic geometry; transformations; disk model; upper half-plane model.MSC: 97G50 G55
Lagrange's formula for vector-valued functions 81 - 88
Milosav M. Marjanović and Zoran Kadelburg  
AbstractKeywords: Mean value theorem; inverse mapping theorem.MSC: 97I60 I65

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