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Front Page Novi Sad Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, Novi SadISSN: 1450-5444 (Print), 2406-2014 (Online)Issue: 36_2Date: 2006Journal Homepage

Decomposition of the distribution on $BMO$ space 1 - 12
Amina Lahmar Benbernou and Sadek Gala  
AbstractKeywords: Sobolev spaces; distribution; BMO spacesMSC: 42B20; 42B35
On spin $Z_6$-actions on spin 4-manifolds 13 - 23
Hongxia Li and Ximin Liu  
AbstractKeywords: spin 4-manifolds; cyclic group; Seiberg-Witten theoryMSC: 57R57; 57M60; 57R15
A central WENO-TVD scheme for hyperbolic conservation laws 25 - 42
Yousef Hashem Zahran  
AbstractKeywords: WENO; Runge-Kutta methods; TVD schemes; conservation laws; semi-discrete finite volume; Euler equations; Burger equationMSC: 65M10; 65M05
Strong convergence for accretive operators in Banach spaces 43 - 55
Yongfu Su and Xiaolong Qin  
AbstractKeywords: accretive operator; resolvent; uniformly smooth; nonexpansive mappingMSC: 54H25; 47H10
$L$-guilds and Binary $L$-merotopies 57 - 64
Mona Khare and Rashmi Singh  
AbstractKeywords: L-guild; L-cluster; L-merotopic spaceMSC: 54E17; 54A05; 54E05
Lessons learned from the implementation of a workflow management system using mobile agents 65 - 79
Zoran Budimac, Dragoslav Pešović, Mirjana Ivanović and Nataša Ibrajter  
AbstractKeywords: distributed programming; workflow management; mobile agentsMSC: 68U99
Homogeneous distributions in $\mathcal D'_{L^q}$ 81 - 90
S. Pilipović, D. Rakić and N. Teofanov  
AbstractKeywords: homogeneous distributionsMSC: 46F10
Derivational formulas of a submanifold of a generalized Riemannian space 91 - 100
Svetislav M. Minčić and Ljubica S. Velimirović  
AbstractKeywords: generalized Riemannian space; derivational formulasMSC: 53C25; 53A45; 53B05
Improvement of convergence condition of the square-root interval method for multiple zeros 101 - 109
Miodrag S. Petković and Dušan M. Milošević  
AbstractKeywords: polynomial zeros; convergence; simultaneous methods; inclusion methods; circular interval arithmeticMSC: 65H05; 65G20; 30C15
Riemann-Stieltjes type integral based on generated pseudo-operations 111 - 124
Ivana Štajner-Papuga, Tatjana Grbić and Martina Daňkova  
AbstractKeywords: pseudo-operatins; generating function; Riemann-Stieltjes integralMSC: 26A42; 28A25; 28B10
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