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Front Page Matematički VesnikPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 0025-5165 (Print), 2406-0682 (Online)Issue: 75_2Date: 2023Journal Homepage

Some function spaces and their applications to elliptic partial differential equations 71 - 86
N. K. Tumalun, D. I. Hakim and H. Gunawan  
AbstractKeywords: Morrey spaces; Stummel classes; Fefferman's inequality; srong unique continuation property.MSC: 26D10; 46E30; 35J15DOI: 10.57016/MV-cdyn1783
Properties of zero-divisor graph of the ring $\mathbf{F}_{p^l}\times\mathbf{F}_{q^m}\times\mathbf{F}_{r^n}$ 87 - 96
M. Nazim and N. Rehman  
AbstractKeywords: zero-divisor graph; direct product of rings; graph parameters..MSC: 05C10; 05C12; 05C25DOI: 10.57016/MV-otmi2774
Characterization of matrices of operators on the $L_{\phi}$-valued Cesàro sequence spaces 97 - 105
Haryadi , Supama and A. Zulijanto  
AbstractKeywords: matrices of operators; Cesàro sequence spaces; Orlicz function.MSC: 40A30; 40J05DOI: 10.57016/MV-5375fdsg
Some pinching results for statistical submanifolds in cosymplectic statistical manifolds 106 - 117
M. Aquib, M. Aslam and M. N. Boyom  
AbstractKeywords: Chen-Ricci inequality; dual connections; statistical manifolds; cosymplectic statistical manifolds.MSC: 53B05; 53B20; 53C40DOI: 10.57016/MV-wvf08x70
New characterizations of fuzzy topology 118 - 133
D. N. Georgiou, A. C. Megaritis and G. A. Prinos  
AbstractKeywords: fuzzy set; fuzzy topology; fuzzy convergence class; fuzzy ideal convergence class.MSC: 54A20DOI: 10.57016/MV-wMpb1355
The $\sigma$-point-finite $cn$-networks ($ck$-networks) of Pixley-Roy hyperspaces 134 - 137
L. Q. Tuyen and O. V. Tuyen  
AbstractKeywords: Pixley-Roy; hyperspace; $cn$-network; $ck$-network; $\sigma$-point-finite.MSC: 54B20; 54D20DOI: 10.57016/MV-woXu7919
A new type of weighted Orlicz spaces 137 - 146
A. R. Bagheri Salec and S. M. Tabatabaie  
AbstractKeywords: locally compact group; weighted Orlicz algebra; Young function; convolution; spaceablity; inclusion.MSC: 46E30; 47B37; 43A15DOI: 10.57016/MV-mp9po679

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