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Front Page Matematički VesnikPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 0025-5165 (Print), 2406-0682 (Online)Issue: 72_3Date: 2020Journal Homepage

On a generalized fixed point theorem in incomplete soft metric spaces 187 - 195
M. Ramezani and H. Baghani  
AbstractKeywords: soft metric space; soft fixed point; orthogonal set; Picard operator.MSC: 34A12; 65R10; 65R20
On a class of elliptic Navier boundary value problems involving the $\boldsymbol{(p_{1}(\cdot),p_{2}(\cdot))}$-biharmonic operator 196 - 206
A. Ayoujil, H. Belaouidel, M. Berrajaa and N. Tsouli  
AbstractKeywords: $p_{1}(\cdot)$-Laplacian; mountain pass theorem; multiple solutions; critical point theory.MSC: 39A05; 34B15
On the partial normality of a class of bounded operators 207 - 214
Y. Estaremi  
AbstractKeywords: conditional expectation; hyponorma;; weakly hyponorma operators; spectrum.MSC: 47B47
Conformal curvature tensor on paracontact metric manifolds 215 - 225
Venkatesha , D. M. Naik and H. A. Kumara  
AbstractKeywords: conformal curvature tensor; paracontact metric manifold; $K$-paracontact manifold; paraSasakian manifold; regular $K$-paracontact manifold.MSC: 53C15; 53C25; 53D10
Certain results on a class of integral functions represented by multiple Dirichlet series 226 - 231
N. Dua and N. Kumar  
AbstractKeywords: Dirichlet series; Banach algebra; topological divisor of zero; continous linear functional and total set.MSC: 30B50; 46J15; 17A35
Common fixed points of generalized contractive mappings in uniform spaces 232 - 242
B. Hosseini and A. K. Mirmostafaee  
AbstractKeywords: fixed points; uniform spaces; graph; connectivity.MSC: 47H10; 54E15; 05C40; 54H25
On prime strong ideals of a seminearring 243 - 256
K. Koppula, B. S. Kedukodi and S. P. Kuncham  
AbstractKeywords: seminearring; strong ideal; radical.MSC: 16Y30; 16Y60
Infinite series of compact hyperbolic manifolds, as possible crystal structures 257 - 272
E. Molnár and J. Szirmai  
AbstractKeywords: hyperbolic space form; cobweb manifold; fullerene and nanotube.MSC: 57M07; 57M60;52C17
Semilattice decomposition of locally associative $\Gamma$-AG$^{**}$-groupoids 273 - 280
M. Khan, S. Anis and K. Hila  
AbstractKeywords: $\Gamma$-AG-groupoid; $\Gamma$-left invertive law; $\Gamma$-medial law; $\Gamma$-congruences.MSC: 20M10; 20N99

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