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Front Page Matematički VesnikPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 0025-5165 (Print), 2406-0682 (Online)Issue: 72_4Date: 2020Journal Homepage

Generalized contractions and fixed point theorems over bipolar cone$_{tvs}$ $b$-metric spaces with an application to homotopy theory 281 - 296
K. Roy and M. Saha  
AbstractKeywords: fixed point; bipolar cone$_{tvs}$ $b$-metric space; covariant and contravariant mappings; contravariant $A$-contraction mappings; homotopic mappings.MSC: 47H10; 54H25
A note on the minimal displacement function 297 - 302
G. Bettencourt and S. Mendes  
AbstractKeywords: minimal displacement function; metric space; subadditivity.MSC: 51F99; 51K05
Some Chebyshev type inequalities involving the Hadamard product of Hilbert space operators 303 - 313
R. Teimourian and A. G. Ghazanfari  
AbstractKeywords: Grüss inequality; Chebyshev inequality; operator inequality.MSC: 26D10; 26D15; 46C50; 46G12
The Zariouh's property $(gaz)$ through localized svep 314 - 326
P. Aiena, E , Aponte and J. R. Guillén  
AbstractKeywords: property $(gaz)$; localized SVEP; Browder type theorems.MSC: 47A10 47A11; 47A53; 47A55
On generalized distance spectral radius of a bipartite graph 327 - 336
S. Pirzada, Bilal A. Rather, Hilal A. Ganie and Rezwan ul Shaban  
AbstractKeywords: distance matrix (spectrum); distance signless Laplacian matrix (spectrum); generalized distance matrix; spectral radius.MSC: 05C30; 05C50
Invariants, solutions and involution of higher order differential systems 337 - 350
A. Mastromartino, Y. Nogier and I. Marquez de M.  
AbstractKeywords: geometric structures on manifolds; differential systems; contact theory; co-contact of higher order.MSC: 53C15; 53B25
A note on the eigenvalues of $\boldsymbol{n}$-Cayley graphs 351 - 357
M. Arezoomand  
AbstractKeywords: semi-Cayley graph; $n$-Cayley graph; quasi-abelian; eigenvalue.MSC: 05C50; 05C25; 05C31
Infinite series of compact hyperbolic manifolds, as possible crystal structures 358 - 367
H. Haghshenas and G. A. Afrouzi  
AbstractKeywords: weak solution; impulsive Hamiltonian system; critical point theory; variational methods.MSC: 34B15; 47J10
Interpolative Hardy-Rogers and Reich-Rus-Ćirić type contractions in $\boldsymbol b$-metric spaces and rectangular $\boldsymbol b$-metric spaces 368 - 374
P. Debnath, Z. D. Mitrović and S. Radenović  
AbstractKeywords: fixed point; $b$-metric space; rectangular $b$-metric space; contraction map.MSC: 47H10; 54H25; 54E50

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