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Front Page Matematički VesnikPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 0025-5165 (Print), 2406-0682 (Online)Issue: 52_3-4Date: 2000Journal Homepage

On Splitting Rings for Azumaya Skew Group Rings 63 - 69
George Szeto and Lianyong Xue  
AbstractKeywords: Skew group rings, Azumaya algebras, Galois extensions, splitting ringsMSC: 16S30 16W20Zbl: 1212.16048
Convexity and Reflexivity 71 - 78
Sergio Falcon and Kishin Sadarangani  
AbstractKeywords: The Hausdorff and the De Blasi measures, nearly and locally nearly uniformly convex space, set quantity, reflexive Banach spaceMSC: 46A25 46B10Zbl: 1033.46017
Conditions for Existence of Periodic Solutions of Nonlinear Differential Equations of the Third Order 79 - 82
Julka Knežević-Miljanović  
AbstractKeywords: Periodic solution, nonlinear differential equation of third orderMSC: 34C25Zbl: 1041.34029
Relationships Between Usual and Approximate Inverse Systems 83 - 97
Ivan Lončar  
AbstractKeywords: Approximate inverse system, usual inverse systemMSC: 54C10 54F15 54B35Zbl: 1031.54006
Bases in Sequence Spaces and Expansion of a Function in a Series of Power Series 99 - 112
Bruno de Malafosse  
AbstractKeywords: Sequence spaces, basisMSC: 46A15
Differences of Decreasing Slowly Varying Functions 113 - 118
Slobodanka Janković and Tatjana Ostrogorski  
AbstractKeywords: Slowly varying functionMSC: 26A12
A Note on Subparacompact Spaces 119 - 123
D. Buhagiar and S. Lin  
AbstractKeywords: Subparacompact space, semi-stratifiable space, (strong) $Sigma$- [$Sigma^*$-] space, isocompact spaceMSC: 54D20 54E20 54E18 54C10Zbl: 1054.54508

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