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Front Page Kragujevac Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Prirodno-matematički fakultet Kragujevac, KragujevacISSN: 1450-9628Issue: 28Date: 2005Journal Homepage

OsckM admitting f-structure 145 - 154
Jovanka Nikić and Irena Čomić  
AbstractKeywords: the subspaces of Osc^k M, special adapted basis, the J structureMSC: 53C15Zbl: 1119.53017
Basic polyhedra in knot theory 155 - 164
Slavik V. Jablan, Ljiljana M. Radović and Radmila Sazdanović  
AbstractKeywords: basic polyhedra, knot theory
Linearizability of a polynomial system 165 - 172
Diana Doličanin and Valery G. Romanovski  
AbstractKeywords: isochronicity, centers, linear normal formsMSC: 34C20 34M35 37G05Zbl: 1120.34317
On the compactness and condensing of nonlinear superposition operators 173 - 183
F. Dedagić and N. Okičić  
AbstractKeywords: compactness, condensing, nonlinear superposition operatorMSC: 47H30 47H09Zbl: 1119.47059
Generating of a class of lattices and its application 185 - 192
Mališa Žižović and Vera Lazarević  
AbstractKeywords: lattice, fuzzy sets, block-code, meet-irreducibles
Fuzzy pairwise almost strong precontinuity 193 - 206
Biljana Krsteska  
AbstractKeywords: fuzzy topology, fuzzy pairwise almost strongly precontinuous mapping, fuzzy pairwise almost strongly preopen mapping, fuzzy pairwise almost strongly preclosed mappingMSC: 54A40 54A10 54C08Zbl: 1119.54006
Conditions of existence quasiperiodic solutions for some ordinary differential equations of first and second order 207 - 214
Jordanka Mitevska and Marija Kujumdzieva-Nikoloska  
AbstractKeywords: differential equation, quasiperiod, quasiperiodic solution
Conditions of existence quasiperiodic solutions for some nonlinear differential equations of second order and third power 215 - 224
Marija Kujumdzieva-Nikoloska and Jordanka Mitevska  
AbstractKeywords: nonlinear differential equation, quasiperiodic solution
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