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Front Page Kragujevac Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Prirodno-matematički fakultet Kragujevac, KragujevacISSN: 1450-9628Issue: 32Date: 2009Journal Homepage

On the rules for the elimination of the non-canonical Morgan trees 117 - 122
Damir Vukičević  
AbstractKeywords: Morgan trees, canonical Morgan trees, Condensed Adjacency MatrixMSC: 05C05
$D$-equienergetic self-complementary graphs 123 - 131
Gopalapillai Indulal and Ivan Gutman  
AbstractKeywords: distance matrix, distance energy, spectrum (of distance matrix), equienergetic graphsMSC: 05C12 05C50Zbl: 1199.05089
Remark on an integral inequality of the Hardy type 133 - 138
James Adedayo Oguntuase  
AbstractKeywords: Hardy inequality, Jensen's inequality, Minkowski integral inequalities, nondecreasing functionsMSC: 26D15 26D10
Bertrand curves in Galilean space and their characterizations 139 - 147
Alper Osman Öğrenmiş, Handan Öztekin and Mahmut Ergüt  
AbstractKeywords: Bertrand curve, Galilean spaceMSC: 53B30 53A35Zbl: 1224.53019
$L_{\bbA P}^{\text{rat}}$ logic and Completeness Theorem 149 - 156
Vladimir Ristić  
AbstractKeywords: Admissible set, set of rational numbers, completenessMSC: 03C70 03C65Zbl: 1224.03006
A taxicab version of the Erdős-Mordell theorem 157 - 164
Nilgün Sönmez  
AbstractKeywords: Taxicab plane geometry, Pisagor theoremMSC: 51K05 51K99Zbl: 1199.51005
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