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Front Page Kragujevac Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Prirodno-matematički fakultet Kragujevac, KragujevacISSN: 1450-9628Issue: 33Date: 2010Journal Homepage

A geometrical description of visual sensation 5 - 15
Bart Ons and Paul Verstraelen  
AbstractKeywords: Human visual sensation, Perception, Anisotropic smoothing, Casorati curvature.MSC: 91E99 92C20 91E30 53B25
Strong duality principle for four-dimensional Osserman manifolds 17 - 28
Vladica Andrejić  
AbstractKeywords: Duality principle, Osserman algebraic curvature tensor, Jacobi operator.MSC: 53B30 53C50
Connections between cuts and maximum segments 29 - 44
Mirjana Borisavljević  
AbstractKeywords: Systems of sequents, Natural deduction, Cut elimination, Normalization.MSC: 03F05
An extension of the probability logic $LPP_2$ 45 - 62
Tatjana Stojanović, Ana Kaplarević-Mališić and Zoran Ognjanović  
AbstractKeywords: Probability logic, Probability model, Linear inequalities involving probabilitiesMSC: 03B48 60A05
Boundary domination in graphs 63 - 70
KM. Kathiresan, G. Marimuthu and M. Sivanandha Saraswathy  
AbstractKeywords: Boundary vertex, Boundary Neighbor, Boundary Domination Number.MSC: 05C12 05C69
Finite difference method for the parabolic problem with delta function 71 - 82
Dejan R. Bojović  
AbstractKeywords: Delta function, Sobolev norm, Convergence.MSC: 65M12
Ultimate boundedness results for solutions of certain third order nonlinear matrix differential equations 83 - 94
M. O. Omeike and A. U. Afuwape  
AbstractKeywords: Matrix differential equation, Lyapunov function, BoundednessMSC: 34C11 34D20
On a converse of Ky Fan inequality 95 - 99
Slavko Simić  
AbstractKeywords: Ky Fan inequality, Global bounds, Converses.MSC: 26D15
A generalization of Qi's inequality for sums 101 - 106
Huan-nan Shi  
AbstractKeywords: Generalization, Qi's inequality for sums, Majorization.MSC: 26D15
Application of fixed point theorem to best simultaneous approximation in convex metric spaces 107 - 118
Hemant Kumar Nashine  
AbstractKeywords: Best approximant, Best simultaneous approximant, Convex metric space, Demiclosed mapping, Fixed point, Nonexpansive mapping, Uniformly asymptotically regular, Asymptotically ${\mathcal{S}}$-nonexpansive.MSC: 41A50 47H10 54H25
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