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An ELM-based Classification Algorithm with Optimal Cutoff Selection for Credit Risk Assessment 4027 - 4036
Lean Yu, Xinxie Li, Ling Tang and Li Gao  
AbstractKeywords: credit risk assessment; cutoff selection; extreme learning machine; grid search methodMSC: 60G25; 62M20DOI: 10.2298/FIL1615027Y
Project Progress Measurement under the Circumstance of Interrupted Schedule 4037 - 4048
Yun-Tao Guo, Shao-Ting Yang, Lin Wang and Shu-Juan Luo  
AbstractKeywords: project management; EVM; project progress measurement; earned schedule; interrupted earned scheduleMSC: 90B50 62C20DOI: 10.2298/FIL1615037G
Selecting Medical Service Scheme: a Novel Method based on Prospect Theory 4049 - 4058
Qiao-Li Wang, Jing Han, Shun-Xin Ye, Jian Chai and Kin Keung Lai  
AbstractKeywords: medical costs; psychological expectations; prospect theory; medical service schemeMSC: 62C86 91F99DOI: 10.2298/FIL1615049W
Pricing Strategy of Closed-Loop Supply Chain Under Disruptions 4059 - 4072
Xiaofeng Xu, Jiaguo Liu, Yongli Li and Xuelong Zhou  
AbstractKeywords: closed-loop supply chain; disruptions; pricing strategyMSC: 62P20 90B50DOI: 10.2298/FIL1615059X
Research on Investment and Financing Mode of Urban Infrastructure under Perspective of Cost Management 4073 - 4099
Rongda Chen, Diandian Cheng, Zhihong Lv, Yifeng Jin, Hejia Du and Huiwen Chen  
AbstractKeywords: urbanization; urban infrastructure; curve regression; investment and financing mode; cost managementMSC: 62P20 90B50DOI: 10.2298/FIL1615073C
The Impact of Bus Priority Policies on Peak Commuters Behavior: An Agent-Based Modelling Perspective 4101 - 4110
Shuai Ling, Wandi Hu and Yongjie Zhang  
AbstractKeywords: micro-simulation; reinforcement learning; bus priority policy; departure equilibriumMSC: 62P20 90B50DOI: 10.2298/FIL1615101L
Dynamic Box Office Forecasting Based on Microblog Data 4111 - 4124
Runyu Chen, Wei Xu and Xinghan Zhang  
AbstractKeywords: box office forecasting; microblog; text analytics; genetic algorithm; machine learningMSC: 62P20 90B50DOI: 10.2298/FIL1615111C
Realizing the Government Performance Evaluation Index Additivity in China: A Probe into the Aggregate Degree and Additivity of Evaluation Index 4125 - 4134
Huping Shang and Chunting Wang  
AbstractKeywords: government performance evaluation index; set; binary state variables; aggregate degree; aggregate vector; additivityMSC: 62P20 90B50DOI: 10.2298/FIL1615125S
Group Decision-Making Using Improved Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods for Credit Risk Analysis 4135 - 4150
Wenshuai Wu, Gang Kou and Yi Peng  
AbstractKeywords: AHP; TOPSIS; GRA; credit risk analysis; group decision-makingMSC: 62P20 90B50DOI: 10.2298/FIL1615135W
The Impact of Aging on Urban Housing Demand Based on CGE 4151 - 4171
Zhu Linlin, Li Xiuting and Dong Jichang  
AbstractKeywords: aging; urban housing demand; OLG; CGE; geographically weighted regression; ArcGis softwareMSC: 62P20 90B50DOI: 10.2298/FIL1615151L
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