Research on Investment and Financing Mode of Urban Infrastructure under Perspective of Cost Management

Rongda Chen, Diandian Cheng, Zhihong Lv, Yifeng Jin, Hejia Du, Huiwen Chen

In the wave of globalization, central parts of large cities are growing exponentially. As the phenomenon is expected to continue, the city and the state are expected to compete with each other in the future. However, the main factor that influences urban competitiveness, construction of infrastructure, continues to put decision-makers in cities in a dilemma. This paper uses data from the national bureau of economic analysis, the World Bank and the OECD to analyse the relationship between urban infrastructure investment and GDP, infrastructure investment as the proportion of real estate investment, the relationship between urban infrastructure construction investment and urbanization rate and per capita GDP. The above analysis leads to the finding that the channels match with all kinds of urban infrastructure investment and financing. Moreover, under perspective of cost management, the choice of investment and financing channels is analyzed. Simultaneously, the corresponding processes, principles and requirements in cost management are elaborated. This paper provides references for countries choosing different investment and financing channels.